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Re: Too many problems

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Too many problems

"Thistoowillpass, do you not get vaccines anymore?"

Correct. I am not encouraging anyone else to not get vaccinated any more - that is an entirely personal decison for each individual.

"So cilantro will negatively impact you no matter what if you have mercury in your system even if its from a source that is not continually producing?"

Well, it's an ever-present risk, yes. Whenever one introduces a substance to the body which is capable of mobilising metals, these metals may be mobilised from the organs or other tissues of the body, into the bloodstream. This applies to some degree, regardless of whether exposure was recent or not. The critical factor with cilantro is that it crosses the blood-brain barrier and is able to also facilitate the passage of mercury across the barrier (not many substances can do that). Now, this, in itself, isn't necessarily a bad thing (though it can be). But the point is that whenever one consumes a substance capable of moving mercury across the blood-brain barrier, there is always a risk that the mercury may move INTO the brain rather than OUT of it (many people choose to use DMSA or DMPS (on an oral frequent-dosing schedule) for a period of weeks or months prior to introducing ALA, to minimise the likelihood of mercury moving towards the brain rather than out of it).

Recall me talking about the 'half-life' of a chelation substance within the environment of the human body (also known as its kinetics). When a chelation substance is ingested (or injected etc.), it goes about its business of forming molecular bonds with metals in the body. However, within the body, levels of the substance of course decline over time, and this situation (if not compensated for with regular top-up doses) can lead to a proportion of mobilised metals failing to be completely excreted from the body. They aren't excreted but they still have to go somewhere; hence they become redistributed to other areas of the body. Now this is bad news and one needs to minimise this as much as possible in order to avoid further damage to the delicate tissues of the body.

Since the half-life of cilantro is NOT yet scientifically established (or indeed it's detailed mode of action), one can't possibly know how frequent a dose would be necessary in order to minimise redistribution.

A similar result of redistribution can also occur even with substances whose half-lives ARE known (e.g. DMSA, DMPS, ALA) *IF* they are used ignorantly in isolated, rather than frequent, doses.
Typical frequent doses for DMSA are in the region of once every 3 or 4 hours. Typical frequent doses for DMPS are in the region of once every 8 hours. However, there is such widespread ignorance of the risks of redistribution if not administered according to frequent-dosing schedules, that one still finds certain practitioners recommending large oral doses once or twice a day. Even worse is IV pushes of chelation substances, which lead to enormous peaks of levels in the bloodstream, which mobilise large amounts of metal, only for levels to decline, with no subsequent top-up, and thus huge potential for redistribution of metals within the body. This is really hazardous if the chelation substance is DMSA or DMPS (see,
but these substances don't cross the blood-brain-barrier. However, substances such as cilantro and Alpha Lipoic Acid DO cross the B-B-B, and thus if they are used in such an irresponsible manner, they can facilitate redistribution of huge amounts of metals into the incredibly delicate tissues of the brain, potentially causing irreparable damage.

In contrast to cilantro, the kinetics of ALA ARE well-established and thus it is possible to use ALA on a frequent-dosing schedule in order to safely remove metals from the body AND from the brain. Cutler's books, and the Frequent Dose Chelation Yahoo group will guide you in how to do this correctly.
As you now know, there's also some discussion on this topic in the Cutler podcast you've listened to.

"I just ordered Dr. Cutler's book on interpreting hair tests and am about to order the hair test."

Great. Let me know how you get on!

"I don't need more than a sheet to cover me when I'm sleeping and even then I have a fan blowing on me"

Sweating during sleep can be associated with metal poisoning. Cutler's book mentions this.


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