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Image Embedded Allimed MRSA Recovery: Mom and Infant
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Published: 12 years ago

Allimed MRSA Recovery: Mom and Infant

Mom and Infant MRSA Recovery using Allimed, Stabilized Allicin

In 2008, I was diagnosed with a CA-MRSA infection, just 2 months after the birth of my second child.


As I researched MRSA online,I realized that I had several MRSA infections before but was not properly diagnosed nor properly treated.

To my dismay, however,I also found many stories of recurrent infections even with so-called proper treatment.


My current infection manifested as cellulitis(a deep tissue infection) in my armpit. I also had body aches, malaise and an intermittent fever. I was fearful that I'd have to stop nursing my baby girl but, even worse,



I was worried that I might infect my kids or not live long enough to raise them.


I went to a prominent InfectiousDisease Doctor (IDD) who prescribed several months of Clindamycin, a powerful antibiotic, along with Hibiclens baths and topical Bactroban (mupirocin). I decided against using Hibiclens or Bactroban but reluctantly took the antibiotic due to the severity of my symptoms.


Since I knew that drugs are passed in breastmilk, I was very concerned.


During my late night research, I read about garlic's antibiotic properties and a product called Allimed.

I ordered it and began taking it at the same time. After 2 weeks on Clindamycin, I learned that it could give me (and/or my baby) an entirely different superbug called C-Diff.


All my research about antibiotics pointed to the likelihood of side effects and even the possibility of re-infection with a stronger form of Staph.


I then decided touse Allimed as my sole treatment method.


Some of my family members were quite concerned but I felt this was the best route for us. Over the next few weeks, my armpit looked better every day. During the months

that followed, I experienced only two very minor and easily controlled outbreaks of blisters on my wrist. They were so small, they looked like fleabites and disappeared within a day or two. I continued taking a carefully monitored oral dose of liquid Allimed and using the gel topically as needed. I felt better than I had in a long time.

Unfortunately, my infant girl began showing signs of MRSA one month later.

She was only FOUR MONTHS OLD.

Her infection progressed rapidly, manifesting as blisters and boils(furunculosis) mainly on her legs.




Her infection moved so fast that I could practically watch the boils get bigger minute by minute.

I made an appointment with a Pediatric IDD but the earliest appointment was 2 weeks away. At first, I tried to only treat her topically with the Allimed. It made the boils open and drain but, otherwise, she did not get better and new sites started to pop up. Finally, after continuing reassurance from my Allimed consultant (along with the threat of a hospital admission), I began giving it to her orally.


I noticed significant improvement after only five days. Within ten days, her boils healed over completely.


At our first appointment with the Pediatric IDD, he was surprised to see her in such good condition. He confirmed that it was MRSA and recommended bleach baths. He did not seem surprised when we respectfully declined.

Our story didn't end there. Before MRSA, we believed that we ate a very healthy diet.

That all changed when 6 months later our baby girl had amajor allergic reaction nearing anaphylactic shock. We had been making small changes in our diet due to having MRSA but it was clear that more drastic changes needed to be made. Although she no longer got boils, she had eczema andr ed patches on her skin. She was still nursing so both of us needed to make the changes. No milk, beef or dairy, no wheat or white flour, no gluten, no corn,no soy, no peanuts, no shellfish, no tree nuts, and much more. I learned about traditional diets, elimination and rotational diets. The combination worked and her eczema disappeared.


I now realize that, prior to my official MRSA diagnosis, I had symptoms dating back approximately 3 years.This included nose sores, sinus odor, recurrent sinus infections, ear pain, several bouts of mastitis (breast infections while nursing), and a minor finger wound that became severely infected. Today, I'm not only symptom free but I'm also officially de-colonized. Medical de-colonization methods are risky and often unsuccessful so I decided to swab my nose with Allimed for a few weeks to see what would happen. My IDD seemed surprised and delighted when my nose culture came back negative (she even called me on a Sunday).


I'm very happy to report that our baby girl, now 2 years old, is completely recovered and so am I.


Special thanks and appreciation to my Infectious Disease Doctor. Our Allimed Therapist, Cathy from, the folks at Allicin Intl. (Peter Josling, Norman Bennett), Dr. Ronald Cutler from the University of London for having the awareness to research stable allicin against MRSA and Dr. Mercola for helping me find Dr. Cutler's research.

Most of all, to my family. Also, somewhere out there is an unknown person who posted their struggle with MRSA. Like me, he had painful boils in his armpit. MRSA then went into his spine even after many rounds of antibiotics. It helped me realize what I was dealing with and started me on my research journey. Thank you and I hope and pray that you have survived.




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