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BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] cured me of hepatitis C.
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Published: 11 years ago
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BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] cured me of hepatitis C.

I was free of all symptoms in about 3 weeks using only 200mg per day of BHT with water only on an empty stomach. Some people suggest mixing BHT with different oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. I disagree based on my experience with the small dosage I used. Also, BHT and all oils are metabolized in such a way as to make these oils and BHT water soluble. With BHT oxygen atoms are added to the molecule in different ways to make this compound somewhat water soluble but still highly lipophilic [ lipid seeker ]. The same is true for all oils and fats [ lipids ].
So, when you combine them you are flooding the bloodstream with the metabolites of the different oils along with the metabolites of BHT and thereby greatly reducing the chances of the BHT metabolites finding those lipid enveloped viruses including the hepatitis C viruses very much.
As to the toxicity of BHT : The NOEL [ No-Observed-Effects-Level ] for BHT is: 25mg per day per kg of body weight as stated in this Canadian health organization`s lengthy report examining over 200 studies done as to BHT`s toxicity. A 110 pound person weighs 50kg and 50 X 25 = 1,250mg of BHT per day. To find that NOEL scroll down to the bottom of this report but before the lengthy reference section in section 4. EVALUATION. Link to that report:

And here is a table published in PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS that rates BHT as the number one Average Lifespan Extender at 31% average lifespan extension of BHT dosed mice over their entire lifetime compared to undosed mice. Here is that table. A lengthy article can be linked to from that table to read the article about all that if you wish to. Link:

Now I was tested and retested by the VA [ Veterans Administration ] and absolutely had hepatitis C back in 1997 with a failing liver. In 2006 I was told there is no indication I ever had hepatitis C. My healthcare provider questioned me as to why I thought I had been positive for hepatitis C. I led her back to those 1997 VA records on the VA computer and she did not know what to make of it.
I was never prescribed ANY medicine for hepatitis C and never took anything other than good old BHT. This stuff REALLY DOES WORK !
And like I said I was well in about 3 weeks, my liver was functioning well again and the liver function tests were normal after about 3 weeks of using BHT only. Those liver function tests were far from normal prior to that. I also NOW test negative for hepatitis B, which I also tested positive for in 1997.

One final note: BHT was found to occur naturally in some phytoplankton. So BHT is every bit as natural as any other plant extract. There is NO difference between synthetically produced BHT and the plant extract. The molecular structure is exactly the same. You can read about that here:


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