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My experiences with CDD triple therapy for blasto + got new infection

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Published: 12 years ago
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My experiences with CDD triple therapy for blasto + got new infection

Just ended the CDD triple therapy for blasto last wednesday. Took the first line therapy being Diloxinide, Secnidazole and Bactrim + added doxycycline 50 mg myself in case of any hidden co existing D. Fragilis. Took them every 8 hours around the clock: 6am, 2 pm and 10 pm together with a good (diet) meal. My diet involved only eating chicken, fish, lots of vegetables and eggs and some nuts. So no grains, carbs, red meat, diary products... Drinking lots of water and green herbal tea with lemon. No any other medicine or natural supplements. Started this diet a few days before starting the meds (mostly to get used to the diet a bit).
Here my experiences.

- From the first day on (two hours after taking the first meds to be exactly) I experienced diarrhoea with lots and lots and even more white particles in my stool (anyone has any idea what this might have been??). First day no other complaints but in the evening the (pre existing) pain in my ear became worse and also did the tinnitus/buzzing in my left ear.

- Day 2 woke up with more tinnitus in the left ear. Still having diarrhoea (with the white particles). No other complaints. Late afternoon and evening some (mild) nausea began.

- Day 3: felt very nausea the whole day (like a bag full of cement on my liver) + stomach pain and cramps + diarrhoea + lots of pain in both ears (it is a sort of ‘underpressure’ in the ears; like you are constantly driving in the mountains are sitting on a plane that goes up and down (this is one of my pre existing complaints but I find it weird that it got worse during the treatment). Was a bit scared – what if this nausea gets worse every day, wouldn’t be able to finish the therapy but luckily it got better over the days. What I found helpful was eating a good meal together with the meds but also in between; if I forced myself to eat when I was nausea it would get better for some time after it.

- Day 4: experienced chest pain the night before and also woke up with it (just under right chest). Also woke up with a headache (one of the familiar ones, just above my right eye) and had it the whole day. Nausea much better (still a bit but nothing compared to few days ago). Still some diarrhoea (with white particles). Initially earpain was better but this was only until I took a shower. This makes me feel very tired and aggravates the pressure pain in my ears and the tinnitus. In the evening even more buzzing in my (left) ear. Energy levels quite ok given the circumstances but all energy gone after the shower. This is btw also one of my pre existing complains, that I can not tolerate (hot or moderate hot) shower; get headaches, tiredness and loss of energy after taking them.

- Day 5: mostly earpain. Energy levels, tiredness, headaches, diarrhoea and nausea quite ok.

- Day 6: some headache, dizziness and lightheadedness/brainfog (one of my major pre existing complaints, didnt experience it the days before) in the first part of the day. In the afternoon I felt better, also regarding to my earpain but still experiencing lots of tinnitus the whole day long. Pressure earpain came back in the evening.

- Day 7: had a good day (according to my standards): no headache, dizziness or lightheadedness. Energy levels good. But still having earproblems (the pressure and the tinnitus).

- Day 8: nausea, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea a lot better. Did start to feel body fatigue (which is another sensation then the fatigue coming from my head), this was more like (moderate) muscle pain all over my body. But happy that no brainfog, lightheadedness or dizziness. Yet still a lot of earpain.

- Day 9: energy levels ok; until early evening when I started to experience more of this body fatigue. Felt completely physically exhausted and even went to bed for a nap (I actually slept, something that I could before never manage to do during the day – even if I was extremely tired (but then I’m speeking about the tiredness ‘coming from my head’ and now I felt the body tiredness (hope I make myself a little bit understandable)).
No more diarrhea. Stool good shape and notable less whithe particles in it (but still a few). Earpain better, also the tinnitus little bit better.

- Day 10, last day: body fatigue, muscle pain all over my body and very very heavy legs (never experienced it before, even not during my treks in the himalaya). Phisically exhausted. Also heavy feeling in my head and some dizziness. Nausea returned after taking the last meds. Like my body told me it was enough.

- First day after the meds: some dizziness. Energy levels quite ok until lunch. Immediately after lunch (still on the diet this day) I became very very tired (also one of my pre existing complaints, the extreme tiredness after lunch (not the case after breakfast or dinner) but surprising that I didn’t have this complaint once during the therapy. Felt extremely tired this day, together with the very heavy legs. Even a little walk outside was just too much for my body.

- Two days after the meds (yesterday): woke up with a very soar throat. Immediately felt something was wrong. Looking into it revealed very nasty red swollen right tonsils with white spots on it. Very difficult to swallow and almost no spittle. I did experience a very dry mouth and little spittle during the ten days therapy but today it really got me worried. Thought it would be the overgrowth of a fungus again (I was diagnosed with candida oesophagus and an aspergillus fumigatus in my left ear a while ago). Thought the strong Antibiotics might have caused a fungus overgrowth. Also had a lot of pain in my neck and headaches on and off. Decided to see my doctor in the evening. According to him I now have a streptococcal infection, as a result of the heavy triple therapy. He says that the triple therapy wiped away some group of (good and bad) bacteria, allowing other groups (that are not susceptible for these kind of Antibiotics ) of bacteria (in my case the streptococcus) to become stronger, leading to overgrowth and infection.
Doctor says this streptococcal infection requires Antibiotics (penicillin) for another 10 days, again strictly every 8 hours :-/
I feel very cautious to take another round of antibiotics though and he approves that I first try to handle it with a local spray and regular pain killing. If not better after a few days I will have to go on the antibiotics again.
In the evening body muscle pain became worse, also did my neck- and headache

- Three days after the meds (today): feel very sick: throat pain, headache, body- and neckpain. Slight fever (but can control it by taking iburofen). Dilemma about whether or not taking probiotics to recover balance in my gut, but finally decided to take them in the morning.

Hoping and praying that my current symptoms are actually from the streptococcal infection as opposed to the BH infection, and also maybe that my body needs time to heal after the triple therapy. But not sure how to feel about it. Feeling thankful that I managed to finish the therapy and being able to cope with the side effects. I was quite scared of this when I began the therapy but was overall doing quite good. Had much and much worse periods then this the last year. But now very scared that the BH is not completely gone. Also feeling confused; according to me the BH that I’ve been put up with for years, has caused my leaky gut (as diagnosed by my natural docter) and fungus (candida oesophagus and aspergillus fumigatus in ear; both diagnosed in the regular medical circuit). I think the triple therapy has now aggravated the leaky gut and the fungi, maybe leading to more overgrowth of them, and also leading to an overgrowth of other bad bacteria (like the streptococcus in my case). How to handle all of this (hoping the underlying BH infection is gone)? I feel a bit desperate and confused. Maybe someone has some advice for me? I seem to lose the overall picture here…
Also any ideas about why my earpain became worse during therapy (now it's not as bad as during therapy but still not gone)?

Thanks for your help.

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