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More evidence straight from the Liver Flush Support Forum
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Published: 10 years ago
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More evidence straight from the Liver Flush Support Forum

 These were just posted over on the Liver Flush Support Forum and provide more proof against the so-called "liver flushes":

"But not for the reason you would think. We were driving on the freeway, and I was happily chatting along to my husband about what a great flush I'd had, all the monster stones that came out, and then suddenly, I couldn't breathe. Just couldn't breathe. It was horrible. We flagged down a nearby ambulance, who gave my oxygen, and I was getting worse by the second. Couldn't walk, my hands and arms went stiff...uggg....transported me to the nearest hospital, where they shot me up with ativan and morphine, and then I got better. They said it was an anxiety attack. I'm so mad. never was in the ER before this month, and now it's twice from these gallstones. So how is an anxiety attack related to the flush, and what can I do to avoid it in the future? Thank you."

So for starters what she is describing IS NOT an anxiety attack as the doctors stated.   Morphine would not help this, but it could make an anxiety attack worse by increasing lactate.  On the other hand the oxygen she was given would have made her feel better by reducing the lactate.  Yet she said she was getting worse.  What she is describing  sounds like a gallbladder attack, which can be brought on by the ingestion of large amounts of oil when the gallbladder contains an abundance of REAL gallstones.  Now, let's look at her second post:

"AND, to add insult to injury, they took an ultrasound and said I was packed full of stones, and needed my gallbladder out, ARGH! (This was a completely different hospital from my local one, as I was far from home.)"

So her gallbladder was in fact full of stones that the "liver flush" clearly did not expel, but that could have set off a gallbladder attack from the ingestion of the large amount of oil used for the "liver flush".  So she has a gallbladder loaded with stones and she suffers with symptoms consistent with a gallbladder attack shortly after ingesting a bunch of oil for the flush, which takes a little time to start the contractions of the gallbladder.  Taking all of this evidence together it is pretty clear that she suffered a gallbladder attack as a result from trying the flush.

In addition, the flush clearly did not get rid of the gallstones in her gallbladder.  And she has done previous flushes that apparently never got rid of them either.:

"And P.S. you should try it yourself to prove it to yourself one way or another. I passed out hundreds of old gnarly gallstones. I just have a lot more to do, and I will, in successive flushes."

Problem with this is that real gallstones are EXTREMELY SLOW to form.  Therefore, if her previous "liver flushes" had been expelling gallstones then the gallbladder would not have been "packed full of stones".

But she apparently lodged a real stone in her bile ducts as I have been warning can happen and which leads to pancreatitis:

"I was on the freeway, which is pretty polluted.But I have been on that freeway before, and never had a problem. I noticed as I was talking, that it was becoming harder and harder to breathe. So I stopped talking, but I still couldn't breathe. As for preps, yes, a lot. In the month since I was in the ER with gallbladder attack, and then followed by acute pancreatitis, I have completely changed. "

Funny thing is that she is apparently aware that ingesting fats/oils will trigger off gallbladder attacks, yet she still did a "liver flush" that requires the ingestion of a large amount of oil.:

"Oh, it's fine. I welcome all suggestions. The thing is, I was on the Atkins diet when all this started. I was trying to get off some stubborn "baby weight." So my diet was very high fat, high protein. I would have 100% agreed with you 6 weeks ago, until the gallbladder attacks started. Every meat triggered it, every cheese, nuts, and oil. That is why I turned Vegan. Because my attacks led to life-threatening Pancreatitis, I just can't afford to have any more, kwim?"

This is a great example of why people need to be informed about the REAL facts of "liver flushing" since people can get hurt if real stones are present.


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