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Re: Folliculitis on Scalp - Starting Cleansing Procedures NOW
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Folliculitis on Scalp - Starting Cleansing Procedures NOW

Hello, how old is this thread? 4 yrs? Does anyone still look at it? Or how is your current situation? Did the juicer work? Let me know, because I have done much research over the years for my own conditions which I will describe. I eat well, better than most, I do cheat with deep fryer at home, but homemade deep fried coconut prawns or homemade almond chicken.... so I eat good home made, but sometimes still cheat, I use good oil, and olive oil is great on skin and hair. But I am 37, mother of an 18 yr old daughter, a 6 yr old son, and 3 year old daughter. I have had a blessed life yet I had to do it all myself, no family or help, so it was also stressful. In 2003 I worked in nutrition, this is before having kids again, and before really eating well, it was homemade but we didnít watch msg, hydrolyzed yeast concentrate, fructose corn syrup, wheat gluten and sugars all together. I was gestational diabetic when pregnant in 05 and 08, after each c-section birth I had medications, and ate as much yummies as I could. I am 5í2Ē 130lbs very thin looking, not obese they say no thyroid problems, I am anemic, blonde blue eyed, fair skin, I never had freckles but now look as if I do because some time in 09 I started scaring from what I thought was hives, I believed it was solely hormone related and would be more so during my moon tide/menstruation. But it got worse, in 2010/11 I got staph with this folliculitis. Now I had already begun to look up things like Polycystic ovary syndrome, but my labs always come back ok, nothing irregular on ultra sound when I was pregnant either, which I was already scaring on arms at that point. My problem is that I pick at these hives, they do itch, and the clear fluid either waxing or liquid the release of can burn. I feared topical herpes, I hear elderly age you can get it from poor immune function, but my dermatologist said it wasnít, but I donít quite trust them because they over Antibiotic the crap out of people which causes things like resistant staph and mersa. Iíve also researched Hirsutism and I suggest you do also. Google also hair loss in women and the overproduction of keratin keratosis pilaris, the under developed hair like baby down coils up under the surface and causes the folliculitis, when / if you pick staph which is prevalent on almost everyoneís skin, including dogs and cats, sets inÖ Now this is not all that can be contributing factors but here is something most doctors neglect to tell you, sugar, one of the white deaths, think how it cooks an egg when you beat it or how it eats away like acid, used as a topical exfoliate on your face and body is great, use white Sugar as the small amount of bleach is useful in lightening the scars and drying the wounds, and killing the bacteria. It doesnít over dry because it turns to glycerin on your skin you will come out feeling like a soft baby, and it helps to exfoliate gently to remove the possibility of dry skin folliculitis etc. ok but with that said think what it does to your insides, it eats your skin from the inside out, but hereís what they donít tell youÖ in women, not men, but women, Sugar turns into testosterone. Look up too much production of testosterone in women, hair loss is in there so is folliculitis, which are also apart of anemia. Please Google all these things, and I have way ore info to give if there is someone on the other end. Sugar though is really bad; it is a destroyer of the immune system. And about the testosterone it does not do any good to fake the body out with artificial estrogen, they say then your body completely shuts off your natural productionÖ not absolute about it, but Iíve read to up estrogen to do so in your foods, and lower testosterone inducing foods, such as sugarÖ.. Now, letís tackle our Beloved Morning Lover Mr. Joe. I thought at first it was a coffee, no I havenít quit, but when I did during pregnancy I did better, but beside the point. Half n half does have less sugar, even though itís so much fat, but I love my breves now I actually like my breve latte with no syrups or sugar added and whip cream, I can actually taste the sugar in the half n half and whip cream, and other drinks are too much for me, but a cup of coffee brewed is something like 38mg of niacin and a single shot brewed espresso has 586 doÖ is you get a double or tripleÖ you do the math, now this might not hurt everyone, say those who havenít become toxic and need to do a total body cleans, liver cleans, heavy metal cleans, parasite, and yeast cleanse, butÖ. If they drink these for many years and over do their systems eventually they will have issues, even those healthy ducks, may after drinking a triple venti Carmel macchiato with its yummy sugars and niacin will experience a flush. Sweat. A lot of sweat that seems random and adds to the sweat of daily living, this sweat though to someone with folliculitis is very damaging, as that it has all the toxins in it and with dry skin gets traps with the under developed hairs from lack of vitamins and too much sugarsÖ. Testosterone and stress hormone too.
Ok So, there is a lot there to digest, and I want to say that I have been doing the natural thing for a few years have even made my own shampoos and hair /face care products, this is what Iíve found. Olive oil Is nice but Coconut is antibiotic, anti parasitical, anti fungal, and doesnít clog pores, but you must of course exfoliated regular in shower with sugar, now the sugar works great with just water, not too much it will dissolve fast as it does to your insides  Iíve also mixed it with apple vinegar, or at times cantaloupe juice which cantaloupe was one of the miracle workers on the hives, they were gone fast. When I do have hives Sour cream always soothes them and pulls out the poisonous feeling drainage. Let me say here I found that testosterone when oozing from hives is said to burn, and itch which would explain much. Every time you pic try to put a small piece of cold water towel on it. Sour cream actually takes off your make up also, and you can also use it mixed with the sugar. Now one thing you must try is organic coconut Milk, use it on your scalp, will make those lesions feel better and help the healing, use it all over your body, it take a sec to dry and I reapply on face sometimes I then lightly rinse face and reapply Iíve even used it under make up and it did great, you have to experiment with it to get it right, it smells a bit like others breast milk, but itís so worth it, you can add to it some rose essential oil, the real stuff is very good for skin and face, sandalwood is gentle and heals scars, letís see I use fruit of the earth aloe vera get in my hair and no other products put a little in after washing with a shampoo that has selenium sulfide you can get 1% over counter and 2.5 by prescription.

Iíd like to point out I do not have oily skin it is excessive dry, but I do not have dandruff either.

Blessings, try the coconut oil on hair and body.

Lady A

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