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My experience with high dose iodine supplementation-no sugar coating, no bias (long post)
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Published: 12 years ago

My experience with high dose iodine supplementation-no sugar coating, no bias (long post)

I would post in the main Iodine forum but was banned by Gina Girl because I questioned Iodine supplementation and debated those who made unfounded claims...however I still completed a month of 50mg of iodoral and sometimes took an added 25mg of iosol (so some days 75mg).

---I started taking kelp about a year ago-around 4mg. I had hypothyroidism and wasn't on meds yet and I also had low testosterone. I immediately felt better, Depression was much better, had more energy and I had 'detox' symptoms of a severe flare up of Acne that was uncontrollable as well as eczema flaring up on my hands that lasted for a month. My temperature and libido remained the same.
---I added in potassium Iodide liquid, around 15mg with the 4mg of kelp. My temperature rose from around 97 to 98.5 and my hands were warm. I started getting morning erections again (with the magnesium, vitamin d which both helped as well). I started gaining weight enormously though, around 10 pounds ever month and I was going to the gym and eating well yet was growing out of my clothes for the first time in 10yrs. People on here said I was eating too much...they obviously were no help!
----Got my blood test and my tsh was HIGHER than ever, my t3 levels were low and my t4 were mid range. My testosterone rose around 80% though, however still low for my age. I was put on Armour Thyroid, 1grain and I lost 15 pounds in a month. I stopped the iodine. My morning erections also stopped.

***I started taking 6mg of Iodine from kelp granules with the Armour and felt good...weight still coming off and morning erections slowly came back. I decided, let me try high dose now that I am on Armour.

-------HIGH DOSE TREATMENT-----------
Started taking 50mg of iodoral, with 5-10 brazil nuts a day, vitamin c, b complex, magnesium.

Immediately my morning erections stopped. I had some breast tenderness. And my hands became cold and I was tired easily again. I knew the iodoral was decreasing my thyroid hormones again but I stuck with it since I was on Armour still.

I noticed I could meditate very easily and visualize. I had much more 'deja vu'-like experiences and I could think much more abstractly. Maybe iodine helping the pineal gland has some truth. Some of the experiences were intense.

I had no detox all.

I wasn't able to get depressed. Worked well at 'blocking depression' which the kelp also did.

Only real negative thing I had was I have increased chemical sensitivity. Like if I smell perfumes or detergent I will get a bad migraine which never happened before.

My hands are warm again, so the fleeting hypothyroidism is most likely over.

I can think a bit more clearly and deeply.

Overall...I don't think high dose iodine is really enormously beneficial. Helped 'spiritually' and with moods, but lower doses did that as well. Wasn't helpful with testosterone/libido like the lower doses were. I am now taking iosol--like 10mg a day. As I do believe it has some benefits.

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