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MH: Tooth Poweder + BF&C, Xylitol, nanoparticle minerals...
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Published: 10 years ago

MH: Tooth Poweder + BF&C, Xylitol, nanoparticle minerals...

Dear MH and all,

I have lots of dental problems and sadly lots of dental work done. I want to take control over my dental because it’s ruining my life. But I’m new to most natural methods and your one particularly. I’m intrigued by what many people say here about "Tooth & Gum Powder" that you sell. I do have lots of questions though. Please, try to answer them.

1. Is the only place to buy the tooth powder?
2. Does it come in smaller packages? Web store lists 1 pound jar only (or is it bag?)
3. Are there any other VITAL things I should do to get teeth healing faster with the MH tooth powder? Such as cleansing or something? I do have some constipation problems and ordered Dr. Schulze’s formulas #1 and #2 but haven’t started them yet. I don’t have any huge health problems (besides teeth). I’m working on fixing my diet (no junk food, no wheat, no sugar, no drugs, mostly vegs and fruits). Any vital things that MUST be done? Any vital books to read?

3. What do you think about other natural ways of improving teeth such as:
a). comfrey root locally and internally
b). eating organic eggshells
c). Xylitol – applied to teeth/brushed with (this is my BIG question!)
d). Magnesium Oil locally on teeth?
e). taking Cod Liver Oil ? (Weston Price)
f). Oil of Oregano locally on teeth?

- If you don’t find them making sense, would you still accept idea that they can be beneficial? I’m asking all that because people seem to have been benefitting from these things (I’m not asking about Oil Pulling because I know you are against it). But I would like to know you input on the above. I want to use as many methods as possible together to have best results because I’m desperate.

4. The person by login "michael baker" on this blog ( wrote the following:

"i grow a tooth back by taking liquid bone flesh and cartilage from Dr christopher they've changed the formula and its to expensive. dont really no if the know formula work they took the comfy out you mite be able to add comfy on your own at your own risk. do some personal research on comfy it helped people for year now its on the fda's black list it never gave me Cancer its a accelerator if you have something wrong it could accelerate it if you take to much it hard on your liver do some research clean your liver I dont mean to give medical advice that's way you have to do your own research people who could say yes or no wont because there scared of the my disclaimer is comfrey bad for you. so dont take my word for it what i can say is i grow a tooth back p.s. the dentist called me a layer.You cant grow your teeth back" .

- The "liquid bone flesh and cartilage from Dr Christopher" that is talking about, is it similar to BF&C that you sell? Can it be used on teeth as well? If it can, why I hardly find about people using it for teeth? How to used it (locally, internally...etc )?

5. The person by login "Jini Patel Thompson" in same blog wrote following:

"I was on a similar quest for years, but my issue was CAVITIES. To cut a very long story short - what healed my entire family's cavities was nanoparticle-sized minerals (a blend used for bone/teeth building) held in the mouth for a few minutes before bed every night. Simple, but true.
and here's my post on the nanoparticle minerals: "

   - So, what to you think about that?
Sorry for too many questions – but I think that together we can figure-out real solutions for many, not just myself. Please, help!



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