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Re: Reversing toxins,,,,MH and others
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Reversing toxins,,,,MH and others

For $200.00 you can buy the machine and enough concentrated herbs to last about 2 months at a dose of ONE DROPPER per night...ONE DROPPER of pure concentrated herbs spread through the entire house is plenty and what we use.

The machine holds 1 gallon of distilled water and sucks the air out of your house and filters it through the water and then sends the clean air back into your room mixed with the herbs that you then breathe in while sleeping....the only draw back is, that when your pulling / pushing air, it creates quite a bit of noise....but the advantages outweigh the noise, because if you sleep 30 nights in cleaner air and inhaling the herbs as you sleep, I personaly believe every cell of your entire body is effected and you breathe better and are hooked for life.

Otherwise, there are many machines out their designed to distribute concentrated herbs in your air and as well use water as part of it.

I LIKE THE WATER as a cleanser and deliverer and if your house is DRY, you will need to add 1 quart of water every in a too dry bedroom is hard on the lungs...AFTER ALL, we are breath-air-ians if we like it or not and we need moist air.


I have never put this offer on the webstore, we don't make the machine, but keep about 10 in stock for locals that stop buy with terrible health issues and I show them the machine and suggest its use. I assume to ship a box as a kit would cost about $20 shipping, so for about $220 anyone can do what we have been doing for the past 2 years, but I HERE BACK from the locals they don't usethe machine because the old sick person refuses to allow the noise in their house, so that is another reason I just have not went further, because I get tired of hearing all the excuses of those they don't want to live....they really want to die, but those wactching them die seek methods to help them, which they don't want help.

when experimenting with air therapy, sure, you can do most anything herbal is unlimited what you can ad to te water....I make the blend we use and send with the machine as a kit, while anyone can use anything....there are essential oils out there that cost an absolute fortune and when added to your air while sleeping, can influnece your entire body/brain/ theory is, evil spirits are spirits flowing through the air like hungery lions seeking ill bodies to enter and take over and these evil spirits don't like certain noise such as the reason the monks like to "chant" and even far more powerful I believe is to fill the home with these herbs.......because once the herbs are there, the nighmares in the kids are gone and everyone sleeps like babies....

another option is to use a timer and have the machine turn off maybe 2 hours before you want to wake up, I have never done that, but could see the advantage for those that have to wake up to an alarm and go to work....YA SEE, I already did my 30 years in a dirty factory and have not used an alarm for the past 6 years now.

YES, you can run the machine durring the day ad can shut it off just before you go to bed.....but when your sleeping, that is SUPREME!

I have only told 1 human so far what all this machine can truely do when you have the options for it and I will not reveil that until I finish my air therapy room one day and can show it picture by picture and show how this one simple little machine can be turned into your own personal hospital treatment in any room.


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