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My dietary conclusion....please debate
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Published: 10 years ago

My dietary conclusion....please debate

After years of research and experimentation, I have come to these conclusions regarding diet concerning candida and general healthy eating:

I think the fiber from grains (GLUTEN-FREE!!!!) is needed to bind to the toxins released when detoxing. Veggie fiber is different than grain fiber and is different from fruit fiber. Brown rice contains negligible amounts of sugar, but veggies can contain sugar. Fruits are full of sugar, so I can understand why fruits are no good. But I think to totally eliminate grains is asking for trouble. They contain many valuable vitamins and minerals, too. I think if you keep your grain intake moderate-to-low, it's fine. Plus, why subject yourself to such a lousy diet regimen? There has been no proof that severely restricting carbs is helpful against candida. Look at the number of people who have been on a gran-free, VLC diet for YEARS on this board. Most, if not all, are still struggling with candida. It makes me wonder if that drastic diet is all it is touted to be. If it works so well, why doesn't it erradicate the candida?

After all my research, I'm coming to the conclusion that one's diet needs to be balanced and healthy. That means:
-No sugar
-Be careful of fruits. Some of us may be able to tolerate the lower-sugared fruits (berries, apples, etc), but many of us are fructose-intolerant, thus fruit may be an issue. It seems that eating fruit first thing in the AM on an empty stomach seems to be best tolerated.
-No gluten.
-Protein is very important...make sure it's organic. Stick to lean proteins and not fatty ones like red meat, which is also difficult to digest.
-Carbs ARE needed for health. Carbs stabilize serotonin levels, provide fiber and a variety of vitamins/minerals. Gluten-free grains only.
-The body will convert anything to Sugar in order to supply energy to the body. Thus, severely cutting carbs only leads to muscle breakdown, ketosis, and other health issues. Give your body the right amount of carbs it needs for energy---no more, and no less. An improper carb intake can lead to metal fog, depression, low energy, constipation, flat muscles, wasting, malnutrition, etc..
-Eat lots of veggies
-Juice your veggies (leafy greens, celery, cilantro, cucumber, brocolli, etc)
-Nut are healthy...just make sure they aren't moldy. No peanuts!
-Some protein powders are healing for the body, especially if someone is underweight and/or nutritionally compromised. The extra amino acids help to rebuild and restore the body. Plus, protein powders are easy to digest. I like Nutribiotic Brown Rice protein powder. It is clean and is sourced to not contain any impurities, unlike ones like Muscle Milk, which has been shown to contain arsenic.
-Eat clean. Try to prepare your food fresh. Avoid left-overs, if possible.
-Use healing spices, like cilantro, cayenne, black better, kelp, garlic, onion....
-increase sulfur-rich foods, which help with detoxing
-eat a good amount of fiber
-Take a multivitamin, EFA source, probiotics, and other supplements as per one's own health condition.
-Digestive enzymes (and HCl, if stomach acid is low or if one has GERD) help a lot
-Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day, consisting of a mix of carbs, proteins, and fats in order to stabilize blood Sugar and to provide a variety of nutrients.
-Don't overcook the food, but steaming, stir-frying, and lightly toasting/baking is fine. Raw is good, but for those who have digestive issues, sometimes lightly cooking helps break down the food better.
-Eat slow, be in an enjoyable environment, and be in a positive mood when eating and preparing food.

These are some of my conclusions. Any input?

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