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This is my current chelation program. Please advise.
Jha Na Hana Views: 546
Published: 10 years ago

This is my current chelation program. Please advise.

Ok I'm starting the Cutler protocol as of about 18 hours ago. I'm using 25mg doses DMSA broken into 12ths, every 90mins to start, and this seems to be working okay at least so far. I want to check in on how to best approach this as I don't want any crashes again if at all possible...and I know it is. I CAN heal this! I am healing this now.
Guidance is much appreciated in especially keeping myself from getting tired out from the chelation. How can I keep myself well during chelation especially regarding keeping glutathione healthy? My sense is that's not the whole story either, there's also other things to detox too.
in essence: what to watch out for? I'll keep researching, but I ask so I csn avoid any unnecessary crashing. Just like reading about chelation for a year before jumping in. Anyways, thanks for the replies. I hope you're all well out there..

I'm currently taking:

milk thistle 2-4 caps daily
lecithin 1-3T
flax 1-3T
Vit C ~12g
"Real Salt" 1T a day
molybednum 4-5 3x day
mag malate 2-3day
humic minerals from case interested)
selenomethionine 2-3 3-5xday
lots of water
coral calcium 3-6 caps a day
vervaine as intuited, about 1 tsp every hour right now. don't want to crash myself with too much toxins.
LOLA as I feel is needed, about 1tsp a day.
taurine 3+ a day
TMG 3+ a day
Niacinamide 3-4day
Benfotiamine multi-B 1/3cap 3x a day.
DHEA as feel needed. about 1 a day I guess??
Thyroid/Adrenal/Spleen/Pituitary factors (all one supplement at health food store)1x day, helps me stay warm and feel energetic.
planning to start iodine/iodide tomorrow gently.
st. johns wort 1x day
is it okay to take glutamine? I wonder due to smelling sulphur in my breath. This suggests to me high plasma cysteine as it correlated, for me, to shaky low blood sugar.
chromium picolinate with meals, either 2-4x a day.
mostly eating chicken now, avoiding all sugars etc.
will go buy non-dairy(non thiol) probiotics tomorrow.
triphala 2 2xday

i also do stretching, am a craniosacral therapist(giving a session is getting a session) and do work with my meridians often. I see an acupuncturist friend once a week, and will eventually be getting blood tests for functional medicine. And am learning to dowse, oh the Hg though... lol. I also do Kathara liquid light cleansing regularly, which helps repair my DNA and keep entities off.

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