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Re: Q & A
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Q & A

Q.Can u explain how u got Miracle-Mineral-Supplement in a capsule? Did u just put the drops in an empty capsule and chase with water?

A. Yes that is more or less how it is done.

What I'd do was fill 1/2 of a 00 capsule with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and the remainder with 1:1 citric acid . Then, I'd place the cap on(tightly), shook it for aprox 5 seconds and swallowed it with a glass of water. Under normal circumstances, I could feel the capsule burst in my stomach by the slight taste and chill that would occur shortly thereafter. FTR. a 00 capsule will hold aprox. 8 - 9 drops of activated Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

Q. Why is the capsule form more potent? Is it because it goes directly to the stomach? Would this method be better for someone with candida and GI issues? (I also have metals, FMS/CFS, etc). So, if I do the capsule form, would I use half of my normal open-air dose?

A. My guess is that the capsule would deliver a much more powerful mixture of chlorine dioxide than with the open air mixture. Whereas the open air mixture would likely have already begun to react with the air and whatever liquids that were involved in the mix. I know from my own experience, that most natural fruit juices(including fruits) will effectively counteract the MMS reaction to some degree or another. And so my take is that, the capsule allows dioxide to enter the bloodstream in a much purer form.

On the issue of Candida and metals, I'm afraid I honestly don't know much on these topic of conditions myself. Though I have fought issues with yeast overgrowth over the years due to Antibiotics and a host of other issues. But none of those were remotely comparable to your own symptoms I'm afraid.

Q. If I understand it correctly, the 3x5 method is taking 5 drops of MMS 3x in a row for one dose of 15 drops? I currently just do 15 drops in a shot glass, then fill with a small amt of water, then chase with more water. It's such a NASTY taste and irritates me throat.

A. Yes that's correct. The smaller amounts create less effects from the taste and smell of MMS which really helps.
Having said that, I don't really like the idea of taking more MMS that I used too and so I'm contemplating trying the same process with capsules in hopes of getting around the sensitive stomach issue(ie. 4 drops per capsule x 2)

Q. Is the throat irritation a "good" sign (ie, die-off) or a bad sign (ie, the MMS is burning my tissue)?

A. I honestly don't know. Personally I always thought it was more of an acidic reaction(throat burning) than the MMS itself. Though I never really investigated matters further than that. However, I did notice that if you plug your nose while drinking MMS, that the throat irritation becomes more pronounced.

Q. When do u take MMS? How do u plan it around your food/supplements? What other supplements do u take?

A. TBH. I decided to take-on a herb only supplement approach about 1 year ago following some kidney problems. At which point, my doctor told me that taking supplements is often more harmful than good and that I'd be better pursuing dietary changes than trying to compensate with supplements. And so, I've been eating lots of fruit(antioxidants), raw veggies, garlic and carrot top tea to help keep my immune system and kidney's in check.

Having said that, I take my MMS three times per day in the following order;

1. 2 hours after breakfast(sometimes I hold off if I still feel full).

2. 3 hours after lunch.

3. 3 hours after supper.

To which I would add, to date, I do not have any issues with electrolytes, stools and/or other digestion related problems. However, I do take papaya enzymes 1/2 hour prior to each meal.

Q. If u've noticed no significant difference (especially after 2.5 years!) why do u continue to take it? Do u think it's helping at all???

A. My condition is quite unique(bone infection) in the sense that the infection will never go away without surgery. And... where I've been getting off MMS every 6 months to gauge the progression of my condition. And so, in this way, I've gotten the opportunity to see if/how effective the MMS is against my infection. To which I would add, my latest stop gap took 4 days for the pain and sickness to return. And I found it particularly difficult(longer) to feel better than any other time in the past. Therefore, our best guess is that the bone infection has progressed or spread over the years rather than improve. Either way, I am going under the knife in Dec. for a bone graft procedure in Montreal. Which will likely leave me disfigured... but, I'm afraid we can no longer be put it off. And so it is what it is I guess. :(

Q. Have u heard of anyone doing this 4x/d (15 drops each)? That would probably be the best way to do it, IMO. It would be more effective than the every-hour method, for u get a more potent dose that can be scheduled around ur food/supplements. Or perhaps doing it every 4 hrs?

A. I can't say that I have tbh. Though I'm really not up to speed with all of the MMS facts and protocols floating around the net either. Other than signing-up for the MMS newsletter about 1 year ago, I really don't know anything beyond that of my own experiences with regards to the product. However, if it were me... then I would likely opt to take as little MMS as possible with the most benefit rather than the other way around. So, I'd lean toward an incremental capsule(ie. 1 x 4 drop capsule x 2 w/15 laps) over that of a larger open air mixture myself. But that's just me and I certainly don't want to try and pretend that I'm some sort of authority on MMS or anything like that.

Q. I have not been feeling good today. I took 2 doses of 14 drops of MMS and DMSO and citric acid (each), but have finally hit my nausea, fatigue/tiredness point. My stomach feels like it got kicked several times by a donkey. And the thought of food makes me want to gag (especially meat). Is this a "good sign" (ie, die-off reaction), or is this a sign of oxidative stress?

I honestly don't know anything about oxidative stress myself, however, I do know that when I stop and start MMS, the beginning phases(3-4 days) always result in feeling very lethargic accompanied with no appetite. Which could very well be the body trying to cope with the effects of the MMS in the system. However, since it passes and soon afterward and I feel much better than I did in the beginning, I never payed it much attention. And so, I'm going to go out a limb here and say that this "could be" normal. Though again... I'd caution that you can never be to careful when it comes to self diagnosis and so you might be better off backing things off and going much slower to see if you can't reach your goals without impeding your energy levels and appetite. And of course... don't overlook the potential of taking less MMS in capsule and improving your chances of avoiding the energy loss effect in the process.

Q. What do u suggest I do? What protocol would be best for me? I switched to up to 15 drops of equal amounts of MMS:DMSO 3x/day, for supposedly this is best for fungal issues.

A. If it were me, I would put all my focus on getting the weight-up. Which would probably be something along the lines of, a good enzyme protocol, some magnesium oil to massages in the skin for detox while being careful not to O.D. and finally, I'd clear out all supplements and push through with an all natural diet of low fructose fruits and vegetables. I'd also add try and add fresh nuts and brown rice as a staple into my diet(for protein substance). And finally, I'd attack the candida where it hurts by introducing a daily regiment of raw garlic, grape seed extract(if you're not allergic), Oregon grape and olive leaf extract. However, I would slowly intensify my raw garlic intake day to day as a blood purifier and a front line Candida killer until I reached something along the lines of 2 cloves - 3 x per day(taken with brown rice to help pad the stomach).

Having said all that... I've read more times than none that killing off Candida to much to fast, can lead to some serious reproductions(electrolyte imbalance due to digestive impairment) and so... I guess it's worth mentioning that a very slow and careful approach would likely be the best approach for a person who is as severely affected as yourself. But... this is how I would do it, if it were me.

PS. I would keep taking the MMS along with these treatments(since I've already done it myself), However, I would only do so, if I concluded that the MMS were actually helping me. And if I understand correctly... apparently MMS could play a role in helping Candida sufferers with blood toxins and immune deficiencies. And if this were indeed the case, then I guess there is always the possibility that MMS could help someone like yourself in some way or another. THough I would definitely do a few ON and OFF trials to try and determine if you can warrant the treatment. Otherwise... I'd seriously consider using it.

Q. Would u suggest that MMS is the right treatment for me...or am I playing with fire, for this might be causing me more harm than good? If so, what should I do? I feel like I've tried just about everything over the years.

A. Given your condition, it really seems as though no one could rightly answer such a question. However, I would highly recommend you try everything in your power to 1. establish if the MMS can help in any way possible, and 2. never give-up trying!


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