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Re: My legal notice to the Curezone Webmaster

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: My legal notice to the Curezone Webmaster

why debate????

The answer is simple.  There is not one simple answer to all health issues.  But many of the forums here on Curezone want to promote this myth.  Just like on the "Liver Flush Debate" forum there are people claiming to have cured their allergies with the "flushes".  Yet when asked for evidence that the "flushes" can cure allergies they fall silent.  Why? Because they are making up up the claims. The liver and gallbladder have nothing to do with allergies.  Now, let's say someone reads the "flushing" cures allergies myth and decides to do this thinking they have cured their allergies then they die from an anaphylactic reaction by ingesting something that they are actually still allergic too.  Who is going to take responsibility for this death from the false information posted?  You?  And what if someone lodges a real gallstone in the duct from these "flushes" and ends up in the hospital or dead from acute pancreatitis.  Who is going to take responsibility?  You?  There is a reason both sides need to be presented.  If someone is only allowed to read one side and someone gets hurt from the bogus information posted then whoever did the censoring is responsible for that injury or death.  If both sides are presented though then the person has the ability to decide for themselves what is real and what is not and to even do more in depth research if they wish.  And if they still decide to follow the bogus information and they hurt themselves then there is only one person they can really blame, and that is themselves.  On the other hand anyone who is aware that there are dangers and fails to take action is equally as liable for any resulting injury or death.  It is like if you are selling a car that you know has a gas leak and you fail to mention that to the person then you can held liable for any resultant injury or death.  If on the other hand you fully disclose the problem and the person fails to correct the problem resulting in their injury or death then this fully falls back on their shoulders.

I am aware of the dangers of much of the bogus information that has been posted here on Curezone.  So I post the evidence that the claims being made are bogus when I see them so people can make rational choices.  Just like the lady who was doing the flushes and ended up with the emergency room with what sounded like pancreatitis from a real stone lodged in the duct.  Her own description of the events and the symptoms proved it was not a anxiety attack.  So how many other people have had similar problems from doing these flushes?  Are you about helping people be safe or also promoting any quackery coming along?

And it is not just the "liver flushing".  I know you were also big in to another forum having to do with alkalinizing that was chock full of made up science, such as sunlight is acidic and acids turn the body in to puddles of goo.  Want to guess how many people who wrote to me after following advice from that forum and that were injured from the advice.  And any posts stating that they were injured just got deleted so other people would not be aware of the dangers.

Then there is another forum owner on Curezone that loves to take pot shots at me whenever possible.  And you should read her little rants when people do not follow her advice to a T even though she rarely has a  clue what she is talking about.  For example, she told someone to take the blood thinner cayenne with an aneurysm, which can be a deadly mistake.  Her excuse is that cayenne can not only stop internal bleeding, but also break down blood clots.  The first claim is only partially true.  As I pointed out previously cayenne contains cellulose, which can act as a substrate for clotting.  But the cellulose does not leave the digestive system and therefore would not help to stop bleeding elsewhere.  As for the claim that cayenne breaks down blood clots, this is completely false.  Cayenne would have to be a fibrinolytic in order to do this.  But it does not contain the enzymes to break down fibrin, and thus cannot break down blood clots.  It does contain a high level of natural "aspirin" though, which is why it thins the blood.  And this is the same reason it is dangerous and even potentially deadly for someone with an aneurysm.  So when she is putting someone's life at risk because she does not have a clue what she is talking about should I be quiet? Better yet, if you knew someone's life was in danger and YOU personally could do something to correct the problem then what would you choose to do?  Remain quiet and let the person potentially die?  Or would you also speak up?

Then this same person thinks that a poster should be only relying on crap like garlic to fight a bone infection, even though this can mean the amputation of the leg if it fails.  When the poster complained about an alkaline colon flaring up the Candida the responses were "You say you have an "alkaline bowel" (I have no IDEA how you know that)" and  "when what you're almost certainly experiencing are the results of the antibiotics and not alkalinity".  What does she think happens when the ACID forming bacteria in the gut are killed?  That's right, the gut becomes alkaline, which leads to fungal Candida overgrowth!!!  Again, clearly showing a lack of knowledge of how things actually work in the body, and potentially putting someone's health at risk.  Apparently she is also unaware of the fact that the flora can always be restored,  but not by taking the various herbs that she recommends that also happen to kill the flora.  These are just a few of the numerous tidbits of incorrect information this poster has posted as fact.  How many people are going to experience the development of injuries and disease because this person is presenting herself as an expert when she clearly is not?  And how many people could be saved from potential harm from such bogus advice if they simply heard a different side, which would likely make them research the real facts more in depth so they end up not following the bogus and dangerous advice.

So what do you really stand for Chirontherainbowbridge?  Anything goes as long as someone presents themselves as a supposed expert putting people in danger?  Or all sides of claims being presented so people will research further before deciding on what they are going to subject their health and lives to for safety?


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