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Re: The Hall of Hypocrisy

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: The Hall of Hypocrisy

 I wasn't trolling. It was an honest question.

I was not implying that you were trolling.  I am just tired of everyone putting everything on me.  So to be fair I think you need to bring up my point to the Troll Pack.

It seems like you have knowledge and talent. Why waste your time here?

I have my reasons for being here at the moment.  At some point in the future maybe I will move on.  At some point I do plan to leave medicine altogether.  But regardless of how things go down I don't want to leave medicine without passing on what I have learned in some form.  This the books I am working on, the YouTube Videos, my lectures and the webinar classes I hope to have set up soon.

Why don't you set up your own web site instead of spending what appears to be extraordinary amounts of time for what?

I do have my own website with my own message board.  But again I have my reasons I have been here.  And before anyone goes off with some BS story about sales keep in mind how long it was before anyone here on CZ even knew I had a website.  And I was not the one that let out the secret.  I was not ever planning on saying anything for the same exact reason as what is happening now.  The trolls will look for anything to attack me with.  If I said I had a medical background I would be called a medical shill.  If I said I did not have medical background then I would be told that I have no clue what I am talking about.  If I have a sales site I am accused of only being here for profit.  If I did not then I would simply be accused of trolling.  Point is that no matter what I say or do the Troll Pack is going to find some way to twist it in to an attack.  That is just the way some people are.  And it does not matter where I go, the results are going to be the same.  There is a doctor on the Yahoo boards where I posted for a short while.  His site clearly stated that he welcomed debate so I posted evidence that soy was not as bad as the naysayers kept claiming.  So he tried claiming that I think it was the goitrogens were not destroyed by cooking.  So I found some medical references that showed they were destroyed in as little as 10 minutes of cooking.  That was all it took.  He immediately banned me from the forum, erased my posts then sent out e-mails to all his subscribers telling them not to talk to me and telling them I was a quack all because I proved his claim wrong.  Well, several of the posters did contact me to find out what really happened since they enjoyed my posts and I responded.  So all of a sudden the story pops up that I was going through the e-mail contact list, which by the way I had no access to, and e-mailing his supporters to harass them.  Problem is that once I was banned I had no way to contact anyone unless they contacted me first.  Funny thing is that Tony is friends with the doctor so Tony brought up a misrepresentation of the actual story several times to attack me even though that is also a violation of TOS.  Something similar also happened on the American Leukemia and Lymphoma Association board.  I bought up leukemia and lymphoma viruses there and someone being sarcastic said that I ought to tell his doctor about them since he never heard of them.  So I told the poster that he needs a new doctor since these viruses had been well known for 25 years. So I went to Medline and posted a whole slew of studies discussing leukemia and lymphoma viruses.  Next thing I know I was banned, all of my posts were erased and all the posts calling me a quack in violation of their own rules were left up there.  Of course they knew that if people really knew the cause then they would also know there is a cure, and thus they would not be able to get donations.  Then on another site I was discussing the inaccuracies of antibody testing for HIV and hepatitis.  Again I was questioned so I went to Medline and posted a whole slew of medical journal articles discussing the inaccuracies of these tests.  Again, I was banned and all my posts were erased.  I later found out that the board was actually owned by a pharmaceutical company.  I have even had problems from trolls on my own message board.  I once posted something someone disagreed with and after that we had post after post of messages that were so vulgar that I cannot even repeat them here.  We kept banning the IP address and even tracked it down to a computer company in California, but the poster just kept changing IP addresses and posting new vulgar posts.  This went on for a while.

So it really does not matter where I go, there will always be trolls ready to attack.  But this could be a great place to post if the rules were simply enforced.  Again, look at all the personal attacks on the Webmaster forum alone.  Has any of these posters been banned for their repeated violations?  No.  Have any of the off topic and TOS violating posts here or on the "Liver Flush Debate" forums been removed?  No.  And all this has led to escalations as the trolls get more and more nasty with their attacks since I was refusing to leave voluntarily.  And the Webmaster needs to realize that all the troll attacks may be good for boosting view numbers, but it is not drawing in new people.  Who would want to go through the abuse i go through for posting evidence of something or for disagreeing with someone over taking antibiotics when you are afraid of losing your leg?  That is why there are so many lurkers and so many people who have left Curezone.  It is not a place for healing or health advice, it is a place to be pounced on by the Troll Pack if you dare say anything they disagree with or heaven forbid question any of their claims!!!

Seems all this energy could be applied to running your own site the way you want.

Again, there are trolls everywhere.  I just have to do the best I can do deal with them if I want to continue helping people.  I mean look at how they are over on the Webmaster forum just feeding each other with their lies and distortions about the facts.  They seem to get some perverse pleasure out of such games.  So if it were not me it would be someone else.  Or if I went elsewhere I would not be surprised at all if they followed me to drag me back in their feeding frenzy.  If you want proof just look at how many times I have walked away from debates and the trolls just continued with their lies and distortions until I got fed up with it and responded.  In fact it is going on right now over on the Webmaster forum.  I am not posting there so they are grabbing posts from my forum to drag over their to keep up their attack orgy.  All anyone has to do is to look at who is starting these attack threads to see who the real trolls are.

Sorry you didn't see the question the way that it was meant

I saw it right.  I just did not like the fact that I am the one being asked about changing when the Troll Pack is not.   Let me put it a different way.  Let's say you buy a house in a nice neighborhood and you really like your house.  But a few years down the line here comes the drug dealers moving in to the neighborhood.  If you like where you liver do you call the police to clean up the situation or do you pick and move allowing the drug dealers to win and hope that wherever you end up will be better?

Also keep in mind that the Troll Pack are nothing more than bullies.  And all bullies have certain characteristics in common.  One they are all afraid, which is why they join together in to packs.  Even if one bully is twice the size of the person they are beating up they will still have their friends by their side to help beat up the little guy.  And when bullies win they feel even more powerful because they feel beyond the rules of society.   Therefore, when they win they become even more aggressive to their next victim.

but it seems there is so much anger from people that it clouds judgement. I honestly don't understand how people can spend so much time on something that does not produce anything. How people can keep the same road rage up for years baffles my mind. That observation applies to every person involved in this battle royale. Another observation on this battle royale is it seems to attract obsessive compulsive types. How else can anyone explain why people spend extravagant amounts of time going into such great detail over years for, what? That is an honest question because I really don't get it and am curious what motivates people to act the ways they do.

To an extent I agree with you.  I have spent all day primarily defending myself against false accusations.  I can think of a lot of things I could have done with that time that would have been more productive in a way.  On the other hand though, if I do not address all the lies being spread about me then what are people going to believe?  We both know that most people will not take the time to verify claims.   That is why they get duped so easily in to unproven "therapies" such as "liver flushing" and "oleander soup".   So you know they are not going to take the time to weed through thousands of posts to search out the truth of what really happened.  They would simply say, well the claim has not been challenged and thus it must be true.  On the other hand if I expose the lies being presented by the Troll Pack then they end up discrediting themselves when people actually see the lengths they are going to in order to get rid of me.

Go ahead and yell at me again but I won't ask an honest question again here. I'll revert to viewing it all as entertaining.

I was not yelling at you at all.  The closest I got was the exclamation points, which were not yelling but rather significantly emphasizing a point.

I do disagree with your one sided point of view since you did not address the Troll Pack.  But that is not significant and I have no other issues with you.


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