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Re: Doing OJ fast cold turkey!
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Doing OJ fast cold turkey!

I used epsom salt but not before a fast. Mh says to take it to clean out intestines and numb scars on intestional walls. When we fast it is not hunger pangs we feel, it is the intestional scars that are exposed and not covered in slime and food that 'pang' us making us think we have hunger pangs.

I first fasted around family during the holidays, when holiday food was everywhere. It is all a matter of will power. I was so sick of being sick I was determined to get thru 1 oj fast to see if it could help my physical health. I made a big production of making my orange juice and taking the LBB and herbs to fool myself like I was eating regular meals. I kept oj in a thermos on days I was out and carried oranges in my backpack in case I got hungry. I chewed each orange slice 50 times and made it last. I kept my eye on DAY 21 as my goal of last day of oj fast.  I really wanted to lose weight and get rid of head congestion and overall body congestion and bloat.

I just took it one day at a time, if I got sick I knew it was detox so I took long hot bath soaks in herbs before bed. I also took those sitz baths mh talks about. I put olive oil on my skin after baths to feed my skin and keep it soft. Every day on oj fast was different. Toward the end of week 1 or 2 on oj fast   I saw good things happen, swelling under eyes went away, skin started clearing, congestion in head started clearing down and out via the bowels. I felt clogs in my neck open up and drain down and out, sinuses cleared, an old scar on my face lightened and peeled away, by day 21 I had more energy then I had had in years. I broke the fast with a clear ginger broth soup and light foods.

I enjoyed the physical results of fasting so much I did the oj fasts many more times. Each oj fast corrected more and more deeply buried health problems and imbalances. I wish I would have stayed fruitarian/liquidarian after oj fasts. Going back to milk meat dairy eggs  and flour set me back, that was not good.. I learned and cut out all milk eggs flour and dairy. I am now a fruitarian/liquidarian who has some fish and protein when I feel like it.  .

The last oj fast this august and september I  noticed if I ate a spoon of canned coconut milk mixed with honey or maple syrup it soothed those intestional scar pangs that flare up when a person is fasting.

I also got creative and made orange juice ice cubes in my ice cube tray to suck on like frozen orange gellato or frozen orange candies. I made a hot chinese orange soup, search hot chinese orange soup on barefoot forum for recipe. I put maple syrup in tart orange juice and watered down oj that was really strong. I learned about the different tastes of different orange varieties. You will become an orange expert really quick on the oj fast.

Keep your eye on the health goals you are seeking and post updates of your oj fast.

Best Wishes


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