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Re: My iodine journey begins today.
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: My iodine journey begins today.

Wombat, that is a really excellent link, thank you. it has A LOT of everything in it that i have researched and found. it really does a great job of condensing it. i am going to read it again more carefully later when i have more time. been outside trying to soak up as much sun and fresh air as i can today. long term effects of ppi's are not studied much, purposely i would think. however, you can easily assume what is happening. ppi's ("proton pump inhibitors" for heartburn) basically shut off the pumps in your stomach and you do not excrete much hydrocloric acid(HCL). well, when that happens you are not able to process the food as usual, and not able to break it down. so, you dont get the nutrients you would think you are getting. hence, i am highly lacking many nutrients even though my diet has been about as good as it can get in the last couple of years. these ppi's come with warnings not to take for more then a few weeks at a time, i have been prescribed the for around 20 years. there is documented studies of more hip fractures, bone loss, and other things. so you can imagine what other wonderful stuff it does to me or anyone taking them. then, when you try to stop taking them, your gastrin levels in your body are at a super high level. your body is in panic mode trying to shoot out a bunch of acid but it cannot due to the ppi. so once you stop, you get horrible "rebound" effects and have tons of acid pumped out into your stomach, and thats when most people start up the ppi again. not me. i am not falling for it. they can take their ppi's and shove it, i am done!

i am well aware of the chance of getting dependent on dr schulzes, but i had no choice. i was not going to the bathroom for a week, even sometimes a couple weeks at a time. and it would get very dangerous for me. dr schulzes i think saved my life. once i stopped the ppi's, a few days later, i started going regularly. again, i am done with them! 20 years of destroying my body with them, thanks doc!!!!

yes i am trying smaller meals. i fast most of the day(intermittent fasting), so thats kinda hard because i cant spread my meals out the entire day, so basically i am trying to eat a little bit, then an hour later a little bit, then an later a little bit more. not sure what you mean about timing though.

as for fermented foods. i make my own caspian sea yogurt every single day. i also make my own kefir daily. i just finished making my first batch of saurkraut. it came out pretty good, just a little salty though, but its celtic Sea Salt so the more the better right now. lol any other suggestions of fermented stuff i could make? as you can tell, i am doing all i can to heal myself.

fivetoedsloth, thank you for replying. interesting you mention the raw. i cannot eat any cooked red meat, however, i can eat raw grass fed liver and get zero heartburn. i dont understand why, its crazy. should i be eating all my meat raw for now? i am willing to try anything.

Ginagirl, thank you for replying.

yes, i do have a big list of hypo symptoms.

i am trying to take as much b vitamins as i can, but am having problem with heartburn when i take them. the worse is when i take the Now brand liquid vitamins you mentioned. i have a bottle of it in the fridge. i immediately get indigestion and start burping, which turns into heartburn. i even tried keeping it in my mouth for a little bit, then spitting it out. i still got heartburn. the blue bonnet stress complex doesnt seem to effect me, so i have been taking those the last few days. i am trying to eat raw liver every 3-4 days to get what i can. this is a rediculously hard process for me, but i am pushing through. so many trials, so many errors. :(

i will keep the salt going. havent read about the Water Cure , but keep running across it. i will read up on it tonight, thank you. btw, is it pretty much set around here that Redmonds realsalt is the best? i have celtic and himalayin, but will order some realsalt when i can if its whats preferred around here.

i got to here by researching adrenal fatigue, i am on panthotenic acid, adrenal health from emerald labs, and have been doing salt for about a month. before i started salt, i would crave it so much. my wife even said something to me. because i would eat so much salt. i still crave it and have been drinking it daily. i am gonna bump it up to 1/2 tsp twice a day for now. so i am working on adrenals and thyroid at the same time. doing the best i can with what i have. God willing, this will get figured out.

a huge appreciation for everyones help.

btw, took 5 drops of SSKI yesterday, took 7 drops today. my thyroid has swollen up, and also my fasting blood Sugar was 110 this morning, when its usually in the high 80's, or low 90's. so going to watch my blood Sugar closely. i feel a tad bit more energy then usual, but nothing big yet. i know this is a long process, and i am committed to be in this for the long haul.

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