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Re: Here come the regulations

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Here come the regulations

 So you're saying that if someone comes up with a new formula for a herbal product - it's supposed to be assumed, and not proven, that it's safe even when it's known that various substances can interact with each other differently?

That is why the formulators should know the chemistry behind the herbs or supplements before putting them together.  But since you bring up the point of interactions do you also feel that any food combinations need to be tested for safety?  For instance, do you advocate having every meal you consume tested for safety if they include spices, which are herbs?  What about mixed alcoholic drinks since alcohol is also a drug?  How about coffee with the interactions between creamers, artificial sweeteners, etc?  Even pharmaceutical medications are not required to have safety studies between their interactions with other drugs or even their own safety.  Look at the Phen-Fen fiasco, and how often drug adverse effects are not reported for years after their marketing if ever.  And rarely are dangerous or deadly drugs ever removed from the market by the FDA.  Maybe the FDA should focus on cleaning up the pharmaceutical industry before attacking the safer herbs and supplements.

I don't see how this is a bad thing for the public if it means more testing of various herbal formulas to be safe or not..

Again, do you advocate that all your meals be tested for safety if they use spices or other plants in their manufacturing?  Or what about if they use vitamin enriched bread or noodles in your meal?  Do you want your meal tested for safety since you do not know the interactions between the nutrients added to the bread or noodles and the other ingredients in your meal?  What level of paranoia are we willing to accept?

Frankly if you don't have the funds to prove your product is safe, you shouldn't have the right to sell something with the claims that it will help people in various ways, when you haven't tested it and made sure whatever you added that's new isn't causing a problem..

Again, are food products tested for interactions?  Alcohols?...........  If you add a  tea bag to a cup of hot water you are altering the chemistry of the herb in the tea bag.  And there can be interactions with the minerals in the water or the dioxins from the teabag.  Are you going to send out every tea you drink to get tested for safety spending $100,000 for reach analysis?

Hopefully what this will mean is less herbs in general, and maybe some people will wake up to the fact that their lifestyle is out of order and that's what causes most of their ailments in the first place, and to stop looking for the miracle pills they have to buy every month that fills the pockets of salesmen and won't help them anyway in the long run if they don't fix their lifestyle.

Are you aware that foods by definition are drugs?  So again, are you going to spend the money to test everything you put in your mouth for safety?  Yet you need foods to stay healthy.  And as I mentioned before, even pharmaceutical drugs do not have to be proven safe, nor even effective, to get FDA approval.  If you take an over the counter aspirin or ibuprofen are you going to have these tested against every possible food, drink or medicine combination that you can combine with these to make sure there are no adverse interactions?  So again, what level of paranoia are we we willing to accept?


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