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Re: What to do when no one believes u?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: What to do when no one believes u?

Having people think you're crazy is just a reality of metal toxicity and toxin overload in general. Even your own family. People are brainwashed--not just regarding western medicine, but regarding a lot of things. You will just have to get used to it. Forget about trying to convince people that you are sick and focus that energy on getting better. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and just focus on getting well again. No one can do it for you.

Speaking as someone who has gone through this from square one starting a few years ago to (hopefully) nearly the end as I type this, I can tell you that there probably is no real reason for you to go to a holistic practitioner. All the information you need to heal yourself is online. I also paid $1k to a naturopath seeking help, but I now believe that was a waste of money. The below should cover just about all bases as far as I am concerned.

--Get rid of any dental fillings.

--If no fillings, or once fillings are gone, start chelating using Cutler's protocol. If DMSA doesn't agree with you, you might have to seek out DMPS. I am lucky that DMSA is ok for me. sells 25mg DMSA and Kirkman's has 25mg ALA. Those are what I use. 7 days (or less) on, 7 days off.

--MMS/Sovereign Silver (and to a lesser extent raw garlic, oil of oregano, etc.) to clear up any chronic infections. Once you feel the infections are gone, stop taking it (although silver, garlic and oregano are OK for prolonged use).

--Buy a personal sauna to use at home (I have a steam one, others prefer 'infrared' ones). Sit in it for 15 minutes counting FROM the point your head starts to sweat (not as easy as it sounds). Then get out and take a warm (not hot) shower. You can do this every day although I only had time to do it 2-3x/wk when I was really sick because of a tight schedule.

--Start doing Hulda Clark liver flushes; one every month or so.

--Do Bowel Cleanses with psyllium and Bentonite a few times a week.

--Buy some kefir grains online and start making milk kefir at home. Drink as much as you want.

--Take vitamin b12, biotin, a good multivitamin, and lots of vitamin C (5-10g/day).

--Buy a home water distiller to provide you with plenty of pure water to help you detox. Add some trace minerals to it after it's distilled. This is the model I use and it works brilliantly:

--If candida is causing problems with your bowel movements, take Candex

--Do some warm water enemas (with distilled water) to flush out any toxic waste stuck up in your digestive tract. I did these often at first but have stopped since I began to feel better.

--Take systemic enzymes like bromelain, serrapeptase, nattokinase, to digest up all the waste surely clogging up your circulatory and lymph systems to aid in the detox. ACV is good too if it agrees with you.

--Finally, when you start feeling noticeably better, start doing 1-3 day Water Fasts to help your body finish up the detox.

There you have it. The above was learned by me over one year of pain and suffering, trial and error. And of course that doesn't count the 4 years before that where I got gradually sicker and sicker without knowing what was wrong with me. There may be other important supplements that I left out in the above (I take a lot). I will post those later if they come to me.

Finally, I understand that you have financial issues, and that the above costs a little bit of money (nothing crazy, but probably around $1-2k total). I will say this--when I was at my sickest, I was still going to work every day, 50 hours a week. I was in excruciating pain 24 hours a day, from head to toe. While walking to work every morning I used to half-wish that I would be hit by a bus to put me out of my misery (or at least give me an excuse to lie in a hospital bed without moving for a year). To make matters worse, I am in a profession where clarity of mind is uber-important, and my painful state and brain fog made me unable to remember something for 5 minutes. But I still got on the train every day and made it to the office. So my point is, if you need to get a part-time job at 7-11 to come up with the money for this stuff (and the pay from a part-time job at 7-11 will cover it), well then that is what you will have to do. Grit your teeth and do it. Like I said, if I was able to work 10 hours a day in the condition I was in, you can work a part-time job to finance your detox. Sorry if this is not what you want to hear.


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