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Re: Bloodwork and hair test

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Bloodwork and hair test

 I previously wrote regarding my bloodtests showing high levels of selenium. I've had 3 tests done in a period of about 4-5 months and they all show very high. They've come down about 200, and are currently at 1233. My Dr. performed a hair test to see if it was staying in my blood or if I was absorbing it. My hair test came back with normal levels of selenium. I was previously taking 200 mcg of selenium 3x daily, but stopped a few months ago. It seems my body just continued to let it build up and didn't utilizie it. What could be the cause of this?

Your body should not be retaining the selenium like that.  It could be that you are still being exposed to high levels of selenium from your diet or water.  Certain areas can have naturally high selenium levels, and some plants are very efficient in picking it up.  Selenium can also be found in meats, especially seafoods.

One possibility though is that selenium is excreted as methylated metabolites.  So a lack of methylation could contribute to lack of proper excretion.

Could it be low stomach acid preventing it from absorbing properly? 

If it was not absorbing properly then blood levels would not be high.

 Iron and copper inhibit uptake of selenium, while vitamins A, C, and E all enhance absorption.

Other than magnesium, chlorella and DE (I'm taking/have tried these) what can reduce these levels from the blood?

Phytates from grains.  I also recommend trimethylglycine (TMG) for the methylation to help with excretion.

Also, I took the pau d' arco/andrographis/chap mix for several months and stopped it back in January. Since then my antibodies have SLOWLY come down. They were at 1800, they are now at 1000. Is this progression typical or should they be decreasing faster?

Antibody levels are slow to come down.

Can it sometimes take years?

There are various factors that will affect this.  For example, initial antibody responses are weaker than subsequent antibody responses.  And in the case of autoimmune disorders the antibody responses are not to a specific antigen.  Instead because the antibodies being produced are low affinity (nonspecific) the antibody responses can be to a number of antigens.  Even vaccines have been shown to trigger antibody responses to more antigens than just the antigens being vaccinated for.  Point here is that even if antibody levels are going down the exposure to various antigens can kick antibody levels back up very quick.

Is there any dangers in trying to conceive with autoimmune diseases?

My biggest concerns would be the extra stress put on the body and the medications that the doctor may give you.  It would be best to get the adrenals built up as much as possible first and support your adrenals and nutrition throughout the pregnancy with foods rich in vitamin C and B vitamins and herbs such as nettle leaf that can be taken throughout pregnancy.

Also, my Dr. had me give up wheat and dairy to see if that would reduce the antibody levels. It didn't seem to reduce them any more than they were already. He claims that casein and gluten mimick the thyroid and can cause elevated antibodies. I don't feel much different other than sometimes slight digestive discomfort, when eating these foods. What are your thoughts on this?

I have never heard what he claims and really do not see any connection personally.

I've been taking magnesium malate and yucca root long term due to their help in keeping me regular. Are there any issues that this can cause, such as dependence?

No, these are not stimulant laxatives like senna, cascara sagrada, rhubarb root or aloe that are the ones that cause a dependence.

Am I able to continue with these during pregnancy?

Yes, and the yucca root will help with the adrenals as well.  The nettle leaf I mentioned earlier and the magnesium will help maintain normal blood sugar levels during the pregnancy.

Are B vitamins and zinc okay long term?



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