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Mercury Toxicity and raw SCD goat yogurt
Jha Na Hana Views: 665
Published: 10 years ago

Mercury Toxicity and raw SCD goat yogurt

I was re-reading some posts, especially this one by Newport:


And I have some questions to those who understand the ins and outs of mercury and cysteine a bit better. And sulphurs. And the gut lining.

1) If I cannot chelate due to a messed up liver, so much so that when I tried I had to stop at 12th hour due to angina and arrythmias, how can I begin to use SCD yogurt?

2) Doesn't the sulphur component in raw goat SCD yogurt, made according to Newport's recipe, stir up mercury in the gut?

3) doesn't the cysteine in the yogurt ALSO stir mercury as if I took a pill of L-Cysteine?

4) If I take any opti-MSM, won't this stir mercury and hurt me more than help me detox copper and open my gut?

5) Currently eating lots of turkey to get my proteins, avoiding other meats due to having cysteine. Thinking of trying the organic beef I have to see how my body reacts to the cysteine in the meat. also eating raw/soaked/salted/dehydrated pumpkin seeds, sunflowers, brazil nuts, almonds.

6) Wondering if taking some serrapeptase in tiny doses at night will be beneficial to my liver in removing possible scarring? Any thoughts? I think of doing this to assist my liver healing and regrowing its tissue, aswell as helping to clear my arteries in my heart.

7) The scary agina I was feeling could have been high homocysteine, taking lots of TMG. Could've been mercury oxidizing in my blood, taking lots of coQ10. could've been lead laying down calcium on my arteries-- waiting for chelation to fix that-- waiting for liver to heal more to start. got my blood tested, ALT(liver) was 1068 normal is 17-60. HDL was 13 supposed to be above 50. LDL was 19 supposed to be below 100. So could be a fatty acid imbalance causing heart trouble too. Also could be Lyme/Biofilms in the heart. Anyone have comments on this? Not feeling confident with my dowsing at the moment, and really wanting to understand the dynamics of all that is taking place mentally so I can get it straight in my head before continuing treatments again. Seeing an ND soon too.

8)Wondering what the best way to Liver Flush out stones would be? Could do wilson's Coffee-Enema but dont want to stir systemic or gut mercury. could do Liver Flush ala Clark, but not sure if my body can take barefoot's dewormer to prep. currently taking lots of mag malate, extra green apples, and liver support as suggested in posts by

Well, if anyone more experienced has opinions OR even links to posts or articles that can help me understand the dynamics of calcium/lead/heart/plaqueing, biofilms in arteries, all about gut lining and how MSM could help, or make me more toxic depending on the situation, Etc. you have my deepest sincerest thanks for the pointers!

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