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Cutaneous Larva Migrans / Hookworm
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Published: 12 years ago

Cutaneous Larva Migrans / Hookworm

Hello everyone, first-time poster here. I've got a big problem and maybe some of you can help. I've been told by doctors for decades that the inflamed skin over both of my earlobes was seborrhea, I'll have it for life and there's nothing I can do about it. So I long accepted it and even though I showered/bathed daily it was always there, since it was under the hair I didn't let it worry me. Then last November (2010) I was shaving the hairline around my R ear and cut-into a rather hard round knob about the diameter of a dime, the inside was white and fibrous and appeared to be some kind of egg sack, although I didn't think of that at the time. I guess I should have stopped right there and had a doc take a look but I didn't. At any rate this episode is apparently what caused the following to occur. Over the past year that patch of "seborrhea" started migrating (by way of that eggsack) towards my face. The path(s) that it cut have caused much burning pain every inch of the way (eruptions of what I call 'hot pus' that colonizes into 'rings of pustules as soon as it comes out. After a few months of this I knew it couldn't be Seborrhea so I was tested for MRSA three separate times and came out negative. About a month ago it reached my forehead and came to enourmous 'head' which built-up pressure then burst, sending streams of the 'hot pus' in several directions, every one of these new streams became a new avenue for the advancement of whatever this is. Then about 3 weeks ago one of these 'avenues' made it too my R eye and all Hell broke loose, within 2 days or so I stated noticing these little white "hooks" pretruding from my face while and after I was shaving, I would shave the hooks off and the remaining shaft would re-appear almost immediately. Then sores started getting larger near the base of my nose and I noticed groupings of these 'hooks' near the sores when I woke up. There's much more which I hope to get into later if I get some interested responses from you guys. I knew I needed professional help so over the past month I've seen primary care, derm, and EM doctors and none of them seems to know a thing about parasites. I've traveled all over the world and probably picked-up this thing in the diseased seborreic skin years ago and it's just now manifesting itself. Problem is I now live in the Wash DC area and apparently 'parasites' is the furthest thing from anyone's mind around here, even the ID doctors seem clueless. I just came from a new PC doc that someone recommended and despite all the photos of the filariform larva that had fallen out of my eyes (and I have in my freezer), evidence of the 'migration lines', etc, he still said he thought it was a fungal problem,..... unbelievable. I even have pix of adult worms coming out of the hole they've made besides my nose, when you zoom-in you can see it's distinguishing details. I also have witnesses to all of this. At least I got this doc to give me a stool test kit which I have to take to LabCorp. Of course that can take 6 weeks...... After much surfing I find that my symptoms are exactly compatible with what's called "CUTANEOUS LARVA MIGRANS" although I also qualify for "OCULAR" and "VISCERAL" LARVA MIGRANS. There's much more to this gory story but right now I need some input on this from you guys, I'm willing and able to go anywhere for help, just please give me some ideas.

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