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Re: Cutaneous Larva Migrans / Hookworm
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Cutaneous Larva Migrans / Hookworm

Many of us have found stool tests worse than useless. Think about it. You are having problems in an area far from your bowels. Even those in the bowels often easily move away from bowel movements, some are even solidly imbedded in the bowel tissue.

I do not know what is causing the problem but regardless you (and those poor, clueless docs) probably have parasites anyway and perhaps a general program to eradicate them will help your current and obvious symptoms.

What helped me in case any of it can help you:

Disclaimer: Humanworm is mentioned in the first link and it used to get great reports here on CZ but in past months some people complained about it not being as good as in the past (though some lately say it is back to its former quality) so you may want to try something like Clarkia or the other standard herbicides.

See link below for cayenne pepper challenge test to see if you or any loved ones have Tapeworms (sometimes one sees sesame seed looking things, or ďblanched almondsĒ but usually ďwhite riceĒ in the stools), for example. Many people have found parasites this way, parasites that lab tests said they didnít have. Hulda Clark says everyone she ever lab tested had Tapeworms & everyone had other kinds of parasites as well.


Another approach to tapeworms, also ascaris:

RE parasites, low enemas can help reveal what bugs are dying without any ďdigging around.Ē Enema bags are cheap & online or at drug stores. The net has many sites telling how to use them. Use 2 cups filtered water only per bag at a time. You donít want to go too high and wash away good intestinal bacteria. (On occasion, to relieve really bad constipation, you can go higher, though. Preferably less than one time per week.) Add some plain, no sugar, yogurt with acidophilus, or ďlive culturesĒ to the last bag & eat some. This kind of yogurt is easy to find at most grocery stores. The enemas can also help combat the constipation often associated with initial stages of parasite killing and just help speed up the cleansing process in general.

Also, many people are not aware that they are gluten sensitive, maybe even have celiac. A gluten sensitivity test can help. Even if one shows up just at Level 1 in sensitivity, that means the intestinal villi have been damaged & nutrients are not getting through as they should. Also where gluten sensitivity is, candida is probably lurking.

Candida may be lurking regardless. One way you may find it is by doing low enemas, mixing water with apple cider vinegar or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Tea made from Quassia wood chips can also kill some parasites as well as candida. Kefir enemas can also be helpful. Use enemas after a bowel movement. If you see things that look like string cheese or yellow gel, or white things that look like pieces of tissue paper, then you know a candida cleanse needs to be done. (Sometimes the candida looks like dark seaweed or brown crusts with mucous.) Another tip off is that, after you do the enemas you may have cold or flu like symptoms or some itchiness. I'd personally get rid of the parasites first. Both cleanses cause die off and you don't want to overdo it. Cleanses do put extra stress on the adrenals.

Some people say everyone who has had Antibiotics has candida cleansing to do.

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