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Re: anyone tried mms for acne?

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: anyone tried mms for acne?


I have exhausted many methods of chemical combat and dieting cleanses to try to help my acne. Nothing stops it dead in it's tracks like Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and citric acid solution. I am so happy to share this news with all of the Acne sufferers out there. It is plainly the only thing I have tried that has been able to heal current Acne AND prevent it- if used regularly/daily. It has done incredible things for healing my old Acne scars too and has also evened out/brightened my complexion. The first time I realized this was happening from the topical use of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement , I literally cried. I still cry when I remember the way it felt to be healed from such a dreadful condition.

As one of the previous posts stated, it could worsen your acne if you start taking the recommended cleansing doses of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and citric acid solution, internally- it did for me. But when I started applying the topical MMS and citric acid solution, I stopped breaking out... So it is ok to do it internally and externally, but it will be more on your body because your skin absorbs this through your skin in addition to what you are taking internally so you can expect the side effects to be heavier (tiredness, possible nausea)- but let me tell you, I never felt better at the same time. I can't explain what the cleanse does/feels like, you just feel magnificent- not only was my skin was clearing up and my old acne scars were healing, but I could think so much better and emotionally, I felt completely uplifted. It is quite a blessed experience. You really begin to feel healed from the inside out. if you are to do the cleanse internally and externally, do the internal cleansing slowly and apply the topical solution to manage the acne- don't be surprised if it doesn't stop ALL of your pimples right away, it does take time to works its way into your system and do its thing; the times it takes to really stop the acne depends on the person and many other health factors in their life (diet, exercise, and consistency of the MMS application etc.)

Here's what I do:

-Purchase 1 oz. glass spray-bottle from a local health food store (you can purchase a CLEAR 2 oz. plastic spray bottle from a local drugstore/beauty salon if you can't get to a health food store but bear in mind those broke a lot on me and do not store the MMS as well as glass does)

-Purchase a gallon or so of purified or distilled water (this is more water than you will need & will last you a long time, just be sure to check it every couple of months to avoid it from becoming stagnant)

-Using the 1 oz. spray bottle, mix 8 drops of MMS and 40 drops of Citric acid solution and wait at least 3 mins while swirling it in the bottle to help it mix (do not wait more than 10 minutes before adding purified water)

-Fill up the 1 oz. bottle with purified/distilled water (not tap)

-Spray the MMS and Citric Acid solution all over your face/broken out areas, with your eyes closed. You will feel a tingling sensation and perhaps an increased urge to itch while it is drying but DO NOT touch your face. You can fan your face to speed up the drying process but don't touch until it dries completely. The itching will decrease with regular application, too.

Do this morning and night, if your skin does not begin to feeling uncomfortable or dry, you can do it again during the day but I strongly urge you to let your skin adapt for 2 days before increasing any dosages- this is powerful stuff and it WILL help your skin, but as with most effective methods of acne treatment, there are some (delayed) side effects such as drying and possible redness. And MMS kills pathogens by killing the oxygen available to it, so you can expect some dryness but not forever while using it.

Do this for 2-3 weeks and then decrease dosage to just once a day or every other day for maintenance (depending on your skin type).

You can wear it over or under your make up. I prefer a spritz after I've applied my make up because it also makes my skin look pretty. *Note* it might make your make up come off easier throughout the day, I believe this is because your healthy skin cells are turning over faster and causing an exfoliating effect. You can just reapply make up when needed (if you wear any). I honestly didn't have to after long and I even received compliments on my skin from total strangers-

This has helped heal current break outs and prevent future ones, in my skin. It has also given me beautiful skin- MY skin.


*If your skin begins to feel too uncomfortable/irritated, pour 1/4 of solution out of the bottle and dilute even more with distilled water or just decrease dosage to once a day for the first few weeks.

I am confident that no matter what is making you break out, MMS and Citric Acid solution will help your skin; We all know pimples/acne looks the same (awful) but truthfully, there are many different skin conditions similar to acne that look like it but are in fact, different (Acne/Folliculitis/Acne Rosacea etc). You can be sure though that whatever is causing your skin to erupt in pimples/ bumps all over it, it is bacterial related, and many things aggravate this such as sweat and make up etc. MMS kills the pathogens and parasites in/on the body and allows for a speedy recovery. The truth is, it really is miraculous stuff but you MUST be cautious when using it and use your common sense- if your skin gets too irritated, lessen up on your application, it will still work but be fair to yourself.

The skin around your eyes is notoriously more fragile than the rest of your face, if you begin to feel excessive dryness or irritation around your eyes, cover your eyes with your hands or a piece of tissue when you spray the MMS solution and just spray the solution on to a cotton ball to apply to your temples and forehead region.

One thing I must mention because it bothers me a little that people suggest applying pure MMS to the skin- I strongly do not recommend this as it can cause serious chemical burns and 10 minutes with unmixed MMS on your skin can be 3 minutes to someone else's skin type. Believe me, this is very risky and I know this first-hand (and it was an awful experience). It personally never really helped my pimples, anyways. However, mixed MMS and Citric Acid Solution has done wonderful things for my skin. This is something that worked for me and I truly hope it helps whoever reads this and is or knows someone who is suffering with their skin- I know your pain and your anguish, it will get better. Please give this a try, it is inexpensive compared to a lot of other types of acne treatments and has given even better results than I've experienced from every other type of acne treatment.

Please know that I am not a medical physician, I am an acne survivor and I have a lot of experience with trying to heal it. This is all personal knowledge I have based off of some findings I discovered on Jim Humble's website regarding MMS and fungi/bacteria in the skin. If your body for any reason reacts violently to this and worsens your condition- stop immediately and go see your doctor. Although this method of cleansing my skin has taken the place of virtually all of my other skin regimens, do not discount expert medical advice in place of the information I have given you. I would not combine this treatment if you are using other acne/skin treatments that dry out or irritate your skin, unless your doctor/dermatologist says you can.

It helped me and I believe it will help you.

Bless you all-

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