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My Religion is Kindness
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Published: 12 years ago

My Religion is Kindness

I changed after my NDE and I am still a work in progress. It has taken me a lot of processing and integrating of my NDE into my life to get where I am now but I have changed religions since having my NDE. People of my former religion often say there is a hell for those who do not believe in a religious Jesus. That narrow view, of how big The Light is, is a tiny view of heaven... The Light I met in my NDE casts a bigger net than that. Those in my former religion believe Hell is for non-believers but this is only partially true. Hell is a purification process in the tunnel where the un-love in all of us is removed. Love doesn't have to believe anything to exist. Love is. love is kind. Love will not throw away what is love and kind. If you have never seen a non-believer who is kind then you have not looked very hard. But there are many houses in heaven... even for those who believe that G-d hates non-believers. I will not go to that house when I die again.

In my NDE, I could finally see through my religious blindness to a better heaven; In my visit to heaven, I have heard angels sing through my deafness, a song for more than those who are just believers in the narrow minded religion of those who believe G-d hates non-believers. There is a place where we will go, beyond both space and time... A place called love... where the love from all that shines...shines so bright.. that all our hurts and all our crimes fade away... Be kind to the least and you will find, believer or not, that your kindness will never die. From my NDE, I have a new religion, kindness is my religion and it does not depend one bit on belief.

There is a story from the Jesus Myth of the sheep and the goats but what was obvious to me in the heaven I went to is that there is a sheep and goat in everyone and every living thing. When we die, what is kindness(no matter how teeny tiny)(from believers and non) and all that is made with kindness in each and every single thing that dies will continue to exist in heaven; all that is not kindness(from believers and non)will die and will never make it into heaven. The goat in me and the goat in you, the goat in all things in the dimension of time dies. The sheep in me and the sheep in you, the sheep in all things that are sheep(kindness) are timelessness and all that is timeless will never die. So do kindness and your kindness will be added to the book of life. Do that which is unkind and you will find your unkindness will die. Be kind. A simple religion if you must have one...

We are all of us, religious believers or not, double minded. The tunnel though is as a sieve. Our un-kind motives are removed from our every action... and if there was no kindness in our action then that part of us will die when we die. So if you must have a don't do then don't be unkind. But do kindness and it will be added to who and what you are at the end of time.

We have all of timelessness to reflect our kindnesses so be kind and in that in which you have reflected kindness for will be added to The Light in heaven, which is Loving Kindness. Does that sound religious enough? Pretty simple stuff. If you must be religious and slink around telling believers they will go to hell for not believing in a religion, at least know what The Light is. The Light is the sum of all loving kindness. If you want to be trapped in a lower heaven or upper hell where only believers go then that is okay but know that place is not a place in timelessness but time. But time ends and where time ends...our love will never cease... so do what is ceaseless and you enter into timelessness.

The religious hell for just non-believers is not the truth as I have experienced it in my NDE. Going to heaven has nothing to do with believing or not believing. Going to heaven is about love. Love is a journey we all are created from and love is where we will return to when our physical form die. Heaven is a place where time has ceased so there is no room for time there. Hell is but a temporary thing and one all who enter time experience hell in a greater or lesser form. Add more kindness to your life and you will experience more heaven but adding more religious judgement that damns others to hell then you are diminishing who and what The Light loves.

You don't have a choice to decide if your love goes to heaven or not. That is like saying a shining light has a choice to shine or not. Light shines. Your light will shine in timelessness so fill your life with that which shines.


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