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a "potential" cure to Bacterial Vaginosis
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Published: 10 years ago

a "potential" cure to Bacterial Vaginosis

I apologize for taking so long to come to this but after a year+ of trying a myriad of things that got rid of my BV, I decided to make my own remedy. It has helped me in a lot of ways.

1. I can lubricate again. (when I was first diagnosed with BV, I had no sex drive,no mucus produced, painful if I attempted sex and funny smelling discharge)

2. No more stupid odor.

3. No pain during sex.

4. No weird side effects.

So this is what I did:

I purchase an Aloe leaf, a head of garlic, Goldenseal Extract (liquid form), Echinechea and Goldenseal tea, and Tea Tree oil. (cost? Aloe leaf- $1.25-2.00USD, Garlic-$1.00-2.00, Goldenseal extract $8.00, Echinechea and Goldenseal Tea-$ 7.59(while this is extremely expensive for tea, it is worth it), Tea Tree oil-$6.00-15.00. **optional Vitamin E oil-$4.00-8.00

I steeped the tea, gutted the Aloe leaf and put the "jelly" into the tea. I added chopped garlic and the goldenseal extract droplets (10-15) and about 8 drops of Tea Tree oil (poisonous to consume). I allowed this combination of things to soak overnight. The next day I used the now, thicker liquid as a douche. After 2 days of treatment, the smell was gone, no discharge, I was able to lubricate and after a week of using this solution, I was able to have pain free sex.

Why did I pick these things?
While alone all these ingredients have their own medicinal properties I figured together they'd make a much more powerful combination. I was right.

Aloe leaf is a natural laxative if consumed, as well as a natural aid of internal and external inflammation. (anti inflammatory.)

Garlic is a natural anti-microbial and Antibiotic if consumed, as well as used topically.

Goldenseal is a supplement a lot of people use for colds and to build their immune system. This liquid can only be consumed for a period of time. Unfortunately, it leaves behind alkaline deposits that build up in you body if used every day. (decided not to consume it then)

Echinechea and Goldenseal tea is used to build one's immune system to fight off illness.

Tea Tree Oil is poisonous if consumed. Tea Tree oil is primarily used to treat Acne on skin. Like garlic, Tea Tree oil has anti-microbial properties that one, stops the BV from further colonizing the vagina as well as eliminate any or all odor pertaining to BV. ***please note that Tea Tree oil if purchased should be used with Vitamin E as to protect the lining of your vagina. Do not use Tea Tree oil on its own because it can burn the delicate skin of the vagina.

I use this solution about 4-5 days every 2 weeks(in the morning and at night) and in between use I occasionally douche with Hydrogen peroxide. this has been working for me for months now. (I lubricate, have a sex drive again, I'm not worried about odor or any of the weird side effects metronidazole causes or any others of the like.)I eventually will stop douching with the hydrogen peroxide and just rely on the solution I made. In addition to this, I changed my diet. I have incorporated tons of probiotics with yogurt. I eat chobani plain yogurt, every day. I also consume Kefir (a liquid yogurt) this drink has 10 strains of probiotics and 20+ billion CFU. the highest I've seen in a yogurt drink. In addition I shop for more probiotics from

Not only are the prices extremely fair but the first 5 orders you get $5USD off. so it's a win win for those trying new things but not wanting to spend a lot of money.

**If you try this solution, please refrain from having any sex, as to give your body time to heal.

I truly hope this helps another woman aside from myself. I decided that if this works not only for me but others I would look into finding out how to produce this on a larger scale for those in need. (I don't want to get ahead of myself so I'll keep on using this for a year and see what happens.)

p.s. if you'd like to drink this, take out the Tea Tree oil from the recipe. It can then be consumed and will act as a natural laxative. =)

I hope this is the cure for you. I don't believe any treatment or cure should be profited at the expense of someone elses pain. Please pass this recipe along if it works for you. Don't keep it for yourself, and certainly don't try to sell this to someone. Just think of it as Paying It Forward. Altruism.

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