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Iodine, nose surgery and the monster within
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Published: 10 years ago

Iodine, nose surgery and the monster within

I've had my suspicions in regards to mucus..and it isn't yeast, certainly wasn't foods even though they would seem to bring it question always was "WHAT IS THE CORE OF THIS" I'm speculating here, but now I'm really ever more suspcious than prior to.
I had nose surgery for I could not breath and they said my septum was shoved so far sideways they wondered how I was breathing. I finally broke to the task after contemplating this for 25 years. They found my nose had been shattered and bits of bone were enmeshed in scar tissue and cartilage. She said she had a dandy of a time picking it out and getting rid of massive scar tissue. Anyhow, there you never know, after numerous MRI's and they could not see this so I had no clue. Apparently an injury from childhood between 6-10 but she suspected closer to 6. Anyhow, this was approx. 7 weeks ago.
I have flushed with Sea Salt numerous times a day. First 3 weeks approx. 8x a day. Slowly down to about three but I kept having issues with breathing and something felt like it was blocking my sinuses from opening up. I had felt it from the get go and because so much was being flushed out I figured it would just take time. Finally the initial uglies came out and after three weeks got lighter and lighter. At least once a day I would get this string red thread/tissue type stuff that would come out. And at times I just thought to myself "that doesn't look right"...again I would chalk it up as tissue coming out from the deep cleaning they did in there. Well then the last two weeks something felt ugly and horrible in between my eyes. I couldn't see, blurrred vision and the like. Then I saw white thread like worms hanging onto the blood clot threads. This disturbed me because as I said, it did not look right even if there was still some tissue coming made no sense it looked this way to me.

Last friday I decided to add Iodine to my nasal rinses. One night later I rinsed and saw this string hanging out of my nose (gross yes but it's how it happens when you are flushing your sinuses and crap is in there! lol) I grabbed a paper towel off my counter there and blew. What came out sent me reeling! I was astounded..I thought that cannot be, it is not possible! In that towel in one huge clump and it was not coming apart either...if you can imagine 3 tablespoons of jello that does not fall apart..well there you have it. But...inside of it you could see these white tiny thread type worms..SO IS THIS A PARASITE? I have suspected that last fall I got a parasite in my eye/sinus area and the docs thougth I was cracked...I don't think I was, I am sure of it only I do not know how! I can say that what i have felt in my sinuses started last something huge was growing in between my eyes behind my nose bone! Blurred vision, eyes swelling, excruciating pain between my eyes in the nosebone, frontal lobe pressure like it was going to burst, chronic migraines and the like.

So here is what I am thinking...that parasites create mucus to protect themselves. I don't know guys, maybe someone knows more about this but it is what I suspect. Am I cracked? I know the body creates mucus to protect itself but i would think that if the tissue is injured or in trouble that there has to be a REASON it is in trouble, inflammed, injured etc...inside the body...hmm...I suspect freaking flipping creepers!

I feel soooo much better! I had about half that come out 15 mins. later, all night stuff came out my throat, same crap, this am more of the same. Now it feels extremely clear and no itchy movement/pain going on between my eyes.

So here is the thing, she cleaned my sinus cavities out why did this build up again and so rapidly? I don't have an explanation other than a parasite!

I will be flooding my sinuses with Iodine for a good many weeks, you can be sure of it. I had my run in with parasites in my intestinal tract and I did not let up for six months. I was successful too.

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