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Re: Kidney Pain? Please help!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Kidney Pain? Please help!

I am in camp with you on the kidney thing.

Iodoral sometimes is easier on it usually.....slower uptake, slower detox????

I am passing gravel or something that burns in my urethra on and off. Occassionally I have white spots on my undies and I used to use a pee jar at nite and I would coat it with a white sandpapery film at times. the white spots on undies started when i was taking pulverex, an herbal product for dissolving GB stones. Am I disssolving kidney stones?????

what did you do for chelation?

I have been chelating per Andy Cutler protocol for quite a while now and still get relief from chelation and the Iodine seems to stir the metal pot sometimes. Meaning, I sometimes feel like crap, wake up too early sweating in bed, muscles weak or I go into severe dehydration and chelating often help reduce these symtpoms temporarily.

I did not get pee jar coating until after I did a lot of Colloidal Silver is that good thing or bad thing?
I did a ton of CS and I even did 5 or 6 iv's. So did i create more heavy metal poisoning because of the quantity I did? Did I damage my kidneys?

Are my kidneys just loaded with calcium because my magnesium is so screwed up and most of my minerals????

sorry I am asking a lot of questions with out a lot of answers.

I have not found many posts here in the two years i have been on Iodine of people complaining of kidney pain. A few have done kidney herbal things like Humaworms or Schultze or Andreas Moritz and have been helped by that.

I have so many food allergies that I have struggled with just diving into many of those products.

I did 17 Liver Flushes from november last year until this summer. Definitely wasn't having so much kidney discomfort this summer and then it started up again more this I am curious about your observation

improper chelation can hammer the kidneys pretty hard, that is why I asked about it. did you have the proteinuria before you started chelating?

Currently I am leaning pretty hard on the idea that even though the kidney pain/discomfort sucks and for me pressure around my GB there are so many folks here who have been helped by Iodine that I just have to stay the course and figure out how to get through taking it until I have detoxed enough that stuff can start to heal.....

I have no doubt the pain in your back is from your kidneys and perhaps adrenals. I work on organs as part of the osteopathic bodywork that I do, and organ issues will always reflect into the joints and musculature whether the problem is mechanical (your kidney is adhered to the renal fascias and can't glide up and down like it is supposed to) or physiologic (like kidney disease or kidney toxicity).

sometimes I am going along ok and i don't take my Iodine for a day or half a day and I start to feel tired and weak in my legs and my kidneys/low back will hurt and if I take more Iodine it gets better. so.......does that mean that more detox is better and I feel better or sometimes I wonder if I keep my Iodine at a certain level does it just keep the toxins circulating and I feel better????? Ha! The second idea is my doubts coming in.

You know, I am one of the few fans of iodine testing on this forum, but you might test your bromide output, or even an heavy metals output with an Iodine load. FFP labs can do the latter test, but Hakala is ramping up to do their own testing on premesis. FFP sends out theirs to Genova Labs, a lab I hear very mixed reviews of. my bromide continues to stay high even after 18months (my last test this summer). this keeps my focus clear to stay the course. I did the metal test for the second time this summer and my Cesium level is still high and cesium screws up potassium utilization which is a big issue for me. I have to supplement quite a bit of it.

well, there are a few thoughts for you. Happy to talk more if any of this is useful for you

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