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Re: ACL ligament complete torn on right knee

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: ACL ligament complete torn on right knee


hi sorry to hear of your accident.

I feel you have come to the right place as Schulze actually himself suffered a skiing accident that left all the ligaments in one knee dramatically separated by several inches and tore his meniscus.

 He refused when they started talking about putting the ligaments of a dead person in his knee, did an intense natural healing program and though this healing took longer than some of his others, He was told without arthroscopic surgery it would never heal and he would always walk with a limp if he did not do the surgery and he is walking fine today.

Although he does not go intimate detail on what he used, it was essentially his incurables program as well as ice, hot and cold shower wand to the area and his deep tissue repair oil.

he tells the story here about his knee and s ligament damage

you can hear about his story etc on the video found in the next link..listen to a man who had what you do and even worst damage who healed himself. I will post how to access this video and more below.

First one needs to familiarize themselves with a basic overview of Schulze and how to do the incurables, his products etc here

here is his patient handbook he gave every patient he had in the clinic a copy

Here is his incurables program and advice (step #5 outlines the program) here

Here is his website. One can purchase all the needed formulas here by clicking on the products tab

here is the deep tissue repair oil he recommends., If you contact me and leave an email address I can send you chapters from his save your life manual related to this topic that also gives directions on how to make it oneself is desired, If making yourself, type organic bulk herb into the search together with the herb you need. I like mountain rose as they cost not much more for 4 oz of an herb that others what for one oz and have a big selection though they may not have everything you need.

You might also find comparable products to Schulze on though I recommend his as better followed by making them yourself as 2nd best.

Here is the link to the deep tissue repair oil he sells.
deep tissue repair oil click on product info and be sure to click on each of the orange tabs sat the top of the popup (what is it how it works and why you need it to be sure to read all he says on it..the curezone link will also have info on that formula here but do keep in mind he did not use only the deep tissue repair oil and hot and cold showers but diet changes and the entire and complex save your life incurables program. I would also use a product like little moon a##kisser for pain. be sure to skin brush the entire body with a natural bristle brush toward the heart before doing the hot and cold to the whole body and also to the knee. Here is how to do them according to the info in his patient handbook

Hot and Cold Showers: (the most effective way to move the blood and create circulation ) Once daily, you must do a complete hot and cold shower. You will start with hot water for 1 minute, then cold for 1 minute. Re-peat this 7 times so the shower should last about 15 minutes. Another time, daily, you can do a complete hot and cold shower routine again or a partial one just applying the water directly to the affected area. Make sure while you are doing both hot and cold showers that you pay special attention to the affected area and massage it vigorously. If the shower is impossible then use Hot packs and Ice packs.

You can also go here to read free online books by Dr Schulze such as there are no incurable diseases. Many of these books are selling for very high amount of money on amazon but here they can be read for free.

read this book on how to cure incurable illnesses by Richard Schulze

Also go here
go here and look on the left where it says search by disease or illness click then scroll down to joint and ligament damage and click then scroll down the article to view videos click and listen to Dr
Schulze's story.  In this he mentions his knee and other things he healed and the story.

I will email you a link also so check your inbox on curezone. (to see this click on inbox at the top right of the page)

I also suffered a meniscus tear when  was walking and run over by a car and was afraid to do the surgery as it took so long to diagnose what was wrong and that left me with 4 of 5 negative risk factors and a chance of arthritis there...when I did the incurables the pan of 2 years went away but I did not stay on a strong program of health and pain returned though not as much so keep on a healthy lifestyle redoing the incurables every so often and doing a cleanse a season as his patients do. I became a vegan 2 years ago and now eat 50% raw and am hoping to repeat the incurables and do more raw etc and have no doubt I can get this ok again when I do it for other health concerns. I was initially doing it for cancer (which I do not have anymore) and it surprisingly it fixed my knee that I did not even think about. I did not think that possible at the time as I had no lessoning of pain for those 2  years prior to doing the incurables program  and doctors said I always would hurt. Now I know better. There are no incurables diseases if you do the work.

Also please note my chiropractor said it is not good to ear a brace all the time as this makes it harder to heal as it immobilizes the knee too much but that is up to you..just passing that along.

By looking on the left side of the screen linked above (Schulze's blog) look under the archives-- search by disease or illness to find articles written on that disease

After watching the video,go back to and this time on the left of the screen click on search by herb or herbal products Here one can find articles etc on that product and its use.
Then click on deep tissue repair oil and read Healing Physical Trauma: Miracle in a Bottle, Indeed! article and any other ones on this page you think might apply

info found in search by category will give info on things that can help you and more details on various modalities of healing and things to increase your knowledge of natural healing

More videos audios commentaries and all answers in his blog and his site can also be found by  clicking blog achieve categories as well as commentaries, audios and videos. there is a huge body of healing info in all this from what he learned in the clinic mainly working with people who had incurables and/or terminal diseases where thousands where cured.

Send me an email address so I can attach and send to you this info from his manual that may be of help and also tell you how to make the deep tissue repair oil (to do this click on my member name)

chapter  1 introduction
charter 21 stopping pain
chapter 22 arthritis
chapter 25 regenerating bones, muscles, and nerves

I can only this this via email as one cannot attach documents on here.

Be sure to ask for them by name and chapter so I remember what you need as well as what I say to you in the inbox message.
is where to go to get a lot of info the save your life manual and videos are another very needed source IMO though you can still do the program with the info in the links I gave here.


If the links do not work when clicked on you will havce to paste and copy them into the search engine browser.

best of luck.




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