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If I may be a little self indulgent
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Published: 9 years ago

If I may be a little self indulgent

I just want to put out some history to see if anyone has any ideas. Getting pretty tired of this as many of you would understand.

So about 6 years ago after a big night of drinking coinciding with feeling pretty sad at the time i noticed some flaking around the eyebrows area. It went away, but a few months later during a period of serious stress it came back strong in the form of typical Seborrhea dermatitis which caused my eyebrows to fall out. It also appeared in my scalp and beard area. I also started getting skin issues that included ringworm on my arms, and my skin all over my body would flake up when scratched. My tongue started getting white and disgusting as well. Went down the dermatologist route and the various medications had virtually no affect on my facial skin.

First success - Went to a naturopath who gave me an anti fungal herbal potion. Cleared up my arms + legs pretty quickly. From then on payed more attention to diet, avoided sugars, my arms+legs never really flared up again. Tried garlic + coconut oil. Both made me feel like I was leaving my body when i took them, but no serious skin improvement, and then weird feelings stopped pretty quickly. Just on the Sugar thing, it really made my symptoms worse when i had any.

Second (sort of) success - Convinced a dermatologist to let me try Nizoral tablets. Took then for about 25 days with no improvement, stopped them, and was cured. All symptoms completely gone the day after gave up on them. This lasted about three days before symptoms returned. Very confusing.

Third success - Lactobaccilus gg (culturelle). 75% improvement in my skin while taking this. Lasted about 2 months before improvement in symptoms wore off. Tried again about 7-8 months later, same result.

Forth success - Thorne SF722 undecylenic acid. This made me very sick. Nausea, sweating, very emotional about everything. Improvement in symptoms lasted about 2-3 weeks even though I continued taking it for a while longer. Tried again 5 months later. Not quite as sick, improvements, then ineffectiveness the same.

Fifth success - Enzymes. Particularly Syntol and Candex. Both these made me feel fairly sick, but improved my symptoms about 80%. While taking these, regular probiotics were even giving me 'die off' symptoms. Stopped working after about a month.

Sixth success. Vermox tablets I was taking for an incidence of pinworm. Improvement lasted about 3 days. Took a few more but less effective every time.

I have a feeling I get a bad reaction to lactose. After eating a natural low Sugar yogurt I had a flare up. Tried it again to make sure and it was definitely the culprit. Took Nystatin recently and had beautiful improvement for one day before thing went back to normal and a little worse. Confused I looked at the ingredients and it has lactose in it. Went back and looked at the ingredients in Nizoral tablets, also has lactose. I think that might be the reason for the strange reaction to both of them. It bothers me that such a tiny amount can make things worse for me.

I haven't listed all the things that haven't worked, but there's a lot. I don't think I necessarily have a yeast overgrowth or anything, I just think my immune system is faulty. Perhaps treating any yeast as a bad thing, rather than just quietly keeping it in control. The way things work then stop is pretty tough to handle as well.
Anyway, just throwing this out there in case anything stands out. Thanks everyone.

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