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Mood, intelligence, epiphanies and annoyances...(RRRating for entire thread, mod edit)
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Published: 9 years ago
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Mood, intelligence, epiphanies and annoyances...(RRRating for entire thread, mod edit)

Well, I hope I'm not the only one who can attest to these changes. Many are improvements but one is worrying me.

My mood has improved greatly, how I perceive things and handle them. I was always an optimist but being that Iodine has given me my body back, I am now even more sickeningly happy and have a "go for it!" attitude about everything. Loving that.

I also feel smarter. I'm sure it was there all along. I was and am a great student but I felt at a loss for words the older I got. I know that from my consistent typos, it probably seems as though I'm flighty and could use a dictionary but to be completely honest, I am always in a rush, working, have noisy children (and adults) in the background and fail to spell check out of excitement because I am post-happy. All of those things aside, I considered myself pretty smart but NOW, it's like I have taken off layers of dust clouding my memory, internal dictionary, even feelings. I am surprising myself lately!

I'm also having a ton of "aha!" moments. Things make more sense and I am thinking clearly and for myself rather than just accepting what I'm told...I was always a Conspiracy theorist but now, I could write a book... I think.... ;)

The one thing that bothers me is that I am extremely annoyed by slow-moving, slow-thinking people. I have been tolerant before because my fibro and Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome didn't make me the brightest crayon in the box with the fibro fog and forgetfulness, my disability to grasp nouns and always getting lost....but GEEZ!!! Am I the only one who thinks this way since iodine? The checkout girls at the store, SLOW and rude and u can tell she is miserable. The lady making my sandwich, the same! People on the road...why can't you see that the light is GREEN??!! It changed 30 seconds ago. I want to shout out to my co-workers that I am the youngest here and I'm the only one with sense. They bitch and moan all day about how much they hate what they are doing and to be honest, it isn't hard, nor is it busy.. It never was..but they swear it sucks. I like working...always have. They also say some fairly immature things about life in general ( they are all 40 and up so I would expect more). They don't seem to be educated at all in health or politics other than what everyone else is telling them...I mean, just ppl in general now seem so stupid! I'm sorry if that sounds mean. It is really bothering me that I am feeling this way but I needed to share with ppl who I'd hope understood what I was going thru. I guess now that my cloud has lifted, I see everyone thru theirs, instead of being in it with them...if that makes sense...Anyone dealt with this? how did u get thru it without telling someone that u could no longer stand their ignorance and that they needed to go read a book or step on the treadmill and perhaps take some Iodine because they were walking around half dead...? Don't judge me! I and the nicest, most giving person..ask anyone I know. I am just so less tolerant of stupidity now. Why?

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