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Re: Experiment : Psyhic Shower filter

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Jha Na Hana Views: 1,064
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Experiment : Psyhic Shower filter

Anyone in a human body(human or otherwise) has access to the source flows, at least somewhat. There are indigos with huge amounts of source access, regular humans have it aswell, even most illuminati have some stunted flow. The only beings that have no source flow(as a whole, or completely cutoff) is the top offworld beings running the agendas, that like to possess their vulnerable underlings(illuminati human lines and the quite long list of intruder race species).

In Craniosacral therapy we learn about holding space for the client's biofield, as you all are probably aware of doing while using intention for healing. When there is "space", the traumatized energetic parts of us can release, as what is termed the "breath of life"(I think source flows) can open up and flow. The traumas taken on by stagnation or disease, emotional hurts, mental hurts, etc, manifest as a tangibly felt "squashed" feeling within. With the needed space being held, the squashed energy can release and people experience newfound peace, clarity, health.

The reason there is rampant parasitism and "evil" amok on this planet is that some very intelligent and very ill-intentioned beings, a long time ago, decided to use really nasty(and then experimental) scalar technology to "squash" a certain portion of the galaxy to use as their own little sandbox to rule over. This resulted in a reversal of the conduits that accept source flows, leading to inability to breathe with source, and a need to feed. Of course, solar systems-planets-species-atoms in said galaxy took on the mutation aswell due to the overwhelming environmental influence.

So eventually earth was created as a healing planet, the only place in the milky way left(now) that has a direct stargate/vortex connection to the rest of the healed cosmos. Angelic humans(6-12ft breatharians) were created here to help other races heal their DNA through consentual interbreeding(and thus DNA bonding and reversal of the mutation over many generations). Today's human is a mut, an interbreeding of many species from all over, truly earth is "club universe" with everyone wearing people masks. Angelic Humans were born as the gatekeepers of earth, and as they interbred with the alien species, over time these beings also gained small amounts of access to the gates. A human born from an Angelic human and, say, a draconian annunaki, would be much more susceptible to possession by their draconian gestalt in higher dimensions than a full angelic human due to the genetic(DNA template) codes it carries. This is exactly what happened and as both healing and takeover agendas progressed, mixing and blending occured, and one day the illuminati people were able to take over enough of the gates to cause some real trouble here, wiping memory and setting up the atlantean control system we have today.

Any person walking around in a human body, no matter how much damage and mutation in their template exists, has SOME ability to access source flows. Otherwise they would only be able to incarnate into whatever gestalt matrix they come from. That's the whole point of this entire mission. Intruder races have no source flow.

As we access source flows, our DNA heals, and we resonate with parasites- entities- archons- mutated existence -heavy metals, less. Indigos come here as beings to lead the way in helping other beings in their healing process which may take many generations and incarnations. Indigo DNA holds open the source flows the planet no longer can run itself, holding an energetic breathing tube open to keep this place alive while beings make a mad dash for healing, and the gates out of here.

Why such a rush? Why such intensity? It's not just 2012 and galactic alignments. Yes, the illuminati folk are attempting pole shift and such, but there's too much help for that to be allowed. BUT, earth and this solar system has been too damaged to heal fully. Because this is the last gate point that holds the rest of the milky way connected to the healed parts of the cosmos, when earth falls, the connection breaks. This will be permanent and any life caught inside here will be stuck, and there's a maximum of until 2230 AD until this happens, depending on how well the energies can be balanced and maintained here. When a critical mass of mutation happens to earth and sol, the energetic breathing tube will necessarily be pulled back and the milky way will be allowed to fall it's own way.

Indigos, and other loving races today are working hard to both keep the gates open, and open them wider to allow for physical transit. Anyone not in a body is being shown how to heal their DNA and trained in gate passage. Anyone with a body is being guided to hold the best energies of love they can to assist in the holding process. Life fields will be evacuating in waves(Katrina, Haiti, Gulf oil, New Orleans, Fukishima) and transitioning to ascension Earth in new bodies. Consciousness of people stuck in bodies are being salvaged and reclaimed, consciousness of chemicals, elements, atoms, etc are being co-created with for healing of the world.

Everyone will begin to align with whatever is in their DNA template. Those who exist as chaos will align with chaotic probable outcomes in the coming future, whilst the consciousness existing as love and harmony will experience more of this. Separation will occur and we may just "no longer see that person" even though nothing was said, lives just go in different directions.

Eventually it is hoped to have enough humans able to heal their DNA enough to walk a gate and keep the Angelic human DNA template alive and usable for incarnation into in the future. Those who are not able to will drop the body when the time comes and incarnate into a similar body type on ascension earth. Those who cannot ascend at all this time around can go through the ring of fire and try again. Those who cannot even make that energetic link can be helped to fall peacefully and eventually go back to source as dust.

It's a big drama we play a part in, and we're literally making history as we go. I do believe this is the biggest and longest and most intense fall drama yet to occur anywhere...ever.

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