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NOTHING is helping my eczema HELP ME
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Published: 9 years ago

NOTHING is helping my eczema HELP ME

PLEASE WHY CANT I CURE MY ECZEMA! EVERYTHING IS FAILING. i have discoid eczema so this is rarer and very stubborn. it is making me very DEPRESSED and occasionally suicidal. i suppose this miracles may happen to child eczema but i only begun to get eczema at early adolescence. my twin does not and has never had eczema but i do and i cannot understand this. her lifestyle is not different than mine, neither my parents or anyone in my family im the only one affected!

first of all i do not and have never ate the SAD diet. it has always been homecooked, better than most people's diets i know. i go to the bathroom everyday regular no problems (do not need bs colon cleansers). i recently found out i also have DISCOID eczema. this is eczema in circles/ovals, (mostly only in adults). in my life i started with hand eczema but at age 17 i started to develop discoid on my legs and this condition gets TERIIBLY WORSE and SPREADS badly in winter. (probably b/c less sunlight idk). my legs itch bad at bedtime and at sudden temperature change my legs sting/burn

parents think this is all b/c of candida. ive done candida diet few years back, was very useless and i discovered that complete abstincence from sugar (even fruit) makes me pass out! i collapsed/blacked out even 2 days in on a coconut oil fast.
ive done liver flushes, numerous colon cleanse supplements, juice fasting, heavy metal detox, oregano oil, GSE oil, "colloidal silver", gluten-free diet and cheese-free, food elimination diet, fish oil, leaky gut protocol, aloe vera juice, proably more i cannot remeber over the years.
NONE OF THESE WORKED FOR ME. they may have worked for other, especially kids, but not for me!
any elimination diet (inlcuding gluten and wheat free, i am still on this diet now) IS NOT WORKING, eczema is not disappearing AT ALL. i cannot determine the cause of this stubborn circular rash. apparenly discoid eczema is rare but i am not a super sick person nor do i eat the average american diet so i really dont know whats going on that i am plagued by a rare skin disease like this.

I STUMBLED UPON OXYGEN THERAPY, AND THE H202 PROTOCOL. started recently, but i am worried if this might cause some damage/bad side effects long term.  this is touted as a cure all miracle therapy. i am open to the idea but wary. i might have candida problem but nothing eliminated it, my immune system probably isnt working enough to get rid of it. all i know is i have emotional stress and slow digestion.

if i can get any possible insight into this so called incurable rash PLEASE HELP B/C IT IS LITERALLY STARTING TO EAT ME ALIVE and consume my life. i am desperate:(


during my growth spurt my appetite soared and  i began overeating at meals and then immediatly doing strenuous exercise. my digestion is slow, i swallow food slowly, have acid reflux and probably other problems. all i know is that a naturopath once told me my large intestine, pancreas, and adrenals are "stressed" 


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