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Published: 10 years ago
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We live in a world of dead animal meat eaters, thier blood is full of the dead animals miserable dna and chemical gene codes of fright, horror, being caged, cooped, herded and slaughtered.

Jesus Christ said in the bible, 'When you fast, put oil on your face, so you do not appear to others to be fasting' Put oil on your face means, look healthy, don't go around bragging or complaining  that you are fasting, for God rewards in private those who pray and fast in private. Those who pray in the public square get thier reward there, for they seek adulation of others- I understand this is a SUPPORT FORUM and not a debate forum, and I think it is great people support and share here and most are here to share fasting info and NOT at all seeking any adulation. 411- Do not expect blood biotoxic meat eaters to comprehend fasting, do not expect athiests to understand anything spiritual. Let them be and avoid them while fasting. What fraternity has a butterfly with a catterpillar?

You say you put a fence up, that is good. I put vigilent centurian guards at the gate of my consciousness, my thought, and any time a non supportive toxic thought tries to enter my mind, I or the centurian guards throw that thought out. Peace of mind is a pearl of great price and it must be guarded vigilently. I had a crabby biotoxic old neighbor, when I used to see him on garbage day I chatted with him, he vomited all his toxic horror stories out. I run if I see him now and anytime he opens his mouth to vomit his brain toxins in my direction I cut him off after one word and say, 'I GOTTA GO, HAVE A MEETING' and I dissapear.  My friend keeps a cell phone on his ear so he does not have to hear or acknowledge bio toxic beings errorful speech and thier dead animal blood biotoxic thought and hear thier bad karma and the bad dharma of thier own making. Another friend wears earphones everywhere and listens to good music and good supportive lectures etc of her choice.

While avoiding the biotoxic...FLOOD your mind with GOOD input and GOOD data from EXPERIENCED CALM CENTERED HAPPY WISE AND PUBLIC or private FASTERS who are willing to share. This blogger at the link posted here above and below was a meat eater, then a vegetarian, then a vegan, then a fruitarian, now he is into fasting and extended fasting. I find his insights and comments relevant and useful to read while fasting and I hope you do also. As a faster gets clearer cleaner blood, biotoxic people seem to diminish, it is like we no longer need to learn the lesson of getting rid of errorfull reflections, this leads to being calmer, happier within ourselves, more centered and surrounded by other happy, calm, like minded fasters and centered people. Best Wishes.


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