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Re: Please help, mystery deficiency ruining my life...
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Please help, mystery deficiency ruining my life...

Hi there. I find myself among the sea of desperate people who come here not knowing what is going ...

== I understand. I was sick with a strange combo of mild to moderate symptoms for over ten years before I even started to improve. It took another five years before I really started to get to the bottom of it. And now over the past two years my health is certainly back in the normal range for my age. I was weaned off my last medicine a few months ago but am still on a pile of supplements.

I got Lyme disease in 2010...

== I had good health before I got Lyme in my late 20's. I had the typical bullseye mark. I just continued to gradually get worse. I assumed it was the after effects of Lyme.

Now to top it off, I have an (alleged) adrenal insufficiency....

== I had adrenal fatigue too but thankfully it was not my worst symptom.

... I am looking for someone who knows what they're doing to say "Hey! I know what that is, here's what you do..."

== I'm not pretending to be that person, but maybe I have another lead for you to investigate. This is how I got better. I kept looking for leads. I read books, web sites, listened to multimedia, etc. I just kept chipping away and gradually improved my biochemistry.

== Have you ever considered the impact of heavy metals, especially mercury?

== Do you have "silver" Amalgams that are 50% mercury (Hg)?

== If you are tempted to think this is Science fiction, check out the following resources from a couple of PhD chemists who have been studying it. Remember your medical doctor does not have a PhD in chemistry. You would not expect an MD to understand heavy metals as well as guys with PhDs in chemistry and have been specializing in the effects of HMs on the body. The two I've found most helpful are Andy Cutler, who suffered from an HM related problem, and Boyd Haley, the former chair of the Chem Dept at the U of KY.

== In this interview Cutler and Dr Dan Pompa discuss how they got diagnosed for their mercury problems and how they both greatly improved on Cutler's system.

== At the end of this long presentation, Haley explains that only tiny amounts of mercury are needed to start fouling up the body's stress response system. He says that the hormone receptor related to ACTH (stress/adrenal related pituitary hormone) holds onto mercury about as well as anything can. This is an important link between mercury and adrenal problems but there are others.

== Boyd Haley debunks the ADA claim: Only minute amounts of mercury are released from amalgam

== I can tell you there are many, many dozens of people with your symptom cluster in the chelation groups. So many of them are getting better, including the woman I'm dating who has suffered with PTSD for decades. No one realized she had a HM problem that was greatly contributing to her PTSD until she saw how much I improved.

== Curezone has a Cutler Chelation group but there are several big groups at yahoo with over 10,000 members and over 2,000 posts per month. The most active one for your situation is Frequent Dose Chelation.

... I think for sure deep dehydration is involved...

== One of the adrenal hormones is aldosterone. It is involved in regulation of sodium and potassium and maybe to some extent magnesium. Also mercury messes with the pituitary hormones. One is ADH. Many of us with Hg problems urinate frequently and have to get up at night to urinate. Many of us benefit from sports drinks but beware of the sugar. Hypoglycemia is a symptom of adrenal fatigue--cortisol is considered a glucocorticoid. Wikipedia has a great graphic of the adrenal and sex hormones. Notice the mother adrenal hormone pregnenolone! My friend and I like the effect of a modest dose.

Sublingual b12?

== Some people with heavy metal problems have a methylation problem. Depending on where the problem is in the methylation cycle, sometimes methyl B12 is helpful. Sublingual tablets are better absorbed than regular oral. However, for adrenal fatigue, you'll probably do better on adrenal support supplements--Adrenal glandular, pregnenolone, maybe licorice, etc.

== Cutler makes a point that I thought was reasonable when I was still considering heavy metals as a possible underlying contributing factor in my problems. He writes that if you have a long list of symptoms that medicine has not been able to resolve, and those symptoms are known to also be caused by heavy metals, does it not make sense to investigate a possible heavy metal problem?!

== Many people start by getting a hair test. There are nearly 600 of them posted along with symptoms at the following site.

We look for both the presence of high levels of toxins or fouled up levels of essential elements in a way that suggests the effects of the presence of heavy metals. More on that tendency in Cutler's hair test

== Obviously there is so much more that could be said. If you don't believe me then you'd be wise to make a note of other mercury symptoms that tend to develop when people at your stage do not get treated:
Poor tolerance for certain foods and even certain odors
Psychiatric symptoms are virtually always involved since the brain is a target organ of Hg. Anxiety and poor stress management is #1 but poor mood even to the point of being bipolar is also common. Sometimes poor mood is a symptom of adrenal related hypoglycemia.
Muscle problems even to the point of fibromyalgia.
Poor sleep.
Twitches, peripheral neuropathy and even MS (some folks have had their MS reversed including one group moderator.)

== Good luck in getting to the bottom of your problems but remember there is no pill that the doctors can give to quickly resolve the problems. Don't expect an HMO primary doctor to even mention the possibility. My endocrinologist never mentioned the possibility to me even as he was investigating my strange bone density problems in my early 40's. His treatments did not improve my bone density significantly. Instead after 1.5 yrs of chelation the bone density of my back improved 8% and is now almost normal!

== Joe

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