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Re: Depression flare up
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Depression flare up

You could be a person who might consider testing your bromide level. Obviously it is an issue that is not the question, it is a matter of tracking it. One idea would be test it now and check it again every six months. I am two years into Iodine and I just had my bromide checked again and it is still high.

I just watched this Brownstein video yet again:
90 minute video by Dr. David Brownstein:

in here he says that relatively healthy people clear their bromide in a year or less. Sick people can take 3-5 years!

Personally, my attention span is not that long, so I test every six months just my bromide just to see where it is at and to keep me on my path.

Cutler says something similar in regards to chelation.....i can't quote him on this but it seems like I read that autistic kids might have to do 200 or more rounds to really clear themselves.

That said you might be right, for you 50 rounds might have done it for you but maybe not......
I had done probably over 100 rounds before starting iodine. No huge changes but more stable. My liver since the Iodine has really shown itself to be more of an issue than previously. So, did my liver slow down my chelation progress? Has it slowed down my progress with iodine? Probably. So I am doing a lot of liver work currently and kidneys too. I am sharing all of this because the Iodine very clearly has stirred more heavy metal/toxins for me and I have had to bring in the chelation to assist. There are times when my ability to hydrate just shuts down: my lips get sooooooo dry that they crack and I get cold sores and my skin all over is dry dry dry and then I chelate for 3 days and within several days all is well again. This seems to have happened more since I have been on iodine.

so, I am mentioning all of this because organ cleansing could be in order for you??????

one idea anyhow

I had some really strong anxiety at time the first couple of months on iodine. Sometimes saltwater really shifted it quite quickly. Other times a home colonic, sometimes with coffee enema quickly changed my really foul/angry mood. Currently besides all of that I am getting committed to express my angry emotions....I have started writing what I am calling my angry letters. I am realizing more strongly than ever that I have to express this stuff that I have been holding in forever. Just in the past few months there seems to be an urgency or a readiness to do so....enough so that I am willing to make a mess at times and repair after if needed. It is scaring me, it is not easy.....but I am plugging away. And in that I am at the very beginning of letting myself be a little bigger, take up a little more space, have a little more compassion, let my joyful nature come out a little more......I have been pissed off my entire life...geesh.

Phewwww! Thanks for giving me an avenue to express that!

So, good luck, keep us posted.
remember to pulse your dose as needed. do lots of salt water......

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