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Re: My breath smells like poo!

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: My breath smells like poo!

I understand your pain and dilemma. I am currently out of work due to quitting my job for being tormented because of this problem. It has been very difficult for me to hold a job because this problem has followed me no matter where I go. I cannot handle being the brunt of jokes, laughter, insensitive comments, and judgment. I even had an elderly co worker hand me a handful of peppermints,and told me to eat them all. People automatically assume that you have bad hygiene with this problem. I can understand the reason for others feeling this way, but it is far from the truth. My oral hygiene is impecable. I have grown obsessive compulsive about the problem. I used to have a wonderful social life, but this horrible smell has destroyed my confidence and every aspect of my personal and professional life along with it. I've used every commercial product which is guaranteed to get rid of bad breath. Also, I've used herbal products as well. For at least five years, nothing seemed to work. In desperation, because I was actually thinking of suicide after the peppermint incident at work, and another co-worker walking down the aisle where my desk was located, spraying perfume.. Oh, I forget to mention the sudden onset of coughs of others who are around me when I am shopping in a store. I felt helpless. I looked up every possible remedy which I had not already tried before. I am not sure.... But... I THINK I am on to something. The reason I say this is because my tongue is pink again. I haven't seen my tongue pink in nearly six years! I have only gotten whiffs of an occasional poop smell in the past. I could never smell the obviously wretched smell others got when I was around, but I've had people say it smells like sh** whenever I came around and wasn't speaking, I've had people cover their nose when I speak, look away, or even give a facial expression for wanting to gag. I couldn't smell it directly, but my mouth was always HOT and coated with white... Also, I would get tonsil stones which smelled like the devils butt when I would remove them. So, I knew I had a big problem for the way other people treated me and the smell of the tonsil stones when I took them out. These boogers smell so bad a part of me said I understood why people acted how they did toward me. My mouth feels different and lighter. I will list all that I've tried and list what has finally given me a pink tongue and the feeling of fresh breath again. I am not sure if it's a single thing... or a combination.... My bathroom is like a grocery store for dental care products. Here's a list of everything I've tried in the beginning:

Seasalt , baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide gargles
tea tree oil and water gargles
cayenne and water gargles
gentian violet tongue painting
crest clinical toothpaste
baking soda and peroxide toothpastes
crest clinical mouthwash
peppermint tea
green tea
tongue scraping
waterpick (very effective for removing tonsil stones)
every gum on the market
oil pulling with olive oil
oil pulling with coconut oil

Here is what I've been using lately while I've gotten a pink tongue:

oil pulling with oil of oregano (burns like heck... but so much of gunk came from the tongue and mouth--- something is working with this stuff)

nasal rinses with collodial silver (a hard mass on the inside of my nose is disappearing... thinking maybe I had a fungal sinus infection)

myrrh gum capsules (said to remove bacteria and freshen breath)

activated charcoal capsules (said to absorb toxins... I take 12 at one time.... I think it's doing something... fyi.. It makes you smell like smoke or a barbeque pit.. maybe because I've taken so many... but the smell goes away in a couple of days.. I feel lighter, my skin is so much better)

Oil of organo capsules (for any internal infection or toxins)

Chlorophyll tablets (said to cleans the blood of toxins and freshen the breath)

Zinc (supposed to keep mouth bacteria from reproducing

cayenne capsules (increases blood flow... increases internal body heat as well, lol)

multivitamin for women

occasional tea tree oil gargles to kill any bacteria

brush with baking soda and peroxide after oil pulling

crest clinical protection toothpaste for daily use

****The product which made the biggest difference almost instantly is oil pulling with pure oil of oregano**** It burns, but so much of icky stuff came out of me... It was far less painful than the ridicule I've experienced from people... I haven't tested it by talking to someone up close... But the appearance of my tongue and fresh feeling gives me a renewed sense of confidence already!!! Also, I have an orabrush... It works wonders!!! It is not sold in walmart

Good luck

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