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Re: Metastatic adenocarcinoma

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Metastatic adenocarcinoma

Dear Neomia,

We have been using the O3 - Ozone Elite unit from October 8th through mid-January, on and off, for rectal insufflation for our mom's inflammatory breast cancer. From October 8th through mid-December, the machine produced a noticeable scent. We usually kept it at 36 ug/mL, which is what James recommended for us (although it may be different in your case, but he will likely recommend a similar output). But one day in December, the machine stopped producing a scent, and it would work in a strange cycle where the scent would taper off and then come back, and often taper off to no scent at all. We sent it back, it was tested, but the same thing happened again. Then we sent it back for a replacement, but the same thing happened a few days after that. We used different power connectors that they sent us -- same story.

We finally decided to get another ozone generator from Longevity Resources:

We got the EXT120, but the bare version which is not listed on the site, which costs around $1800 plus shipping from the western coast of Canada. The bare version is just the generator. (We use an oxygen concentrator, not a pure oxygen tank, though an oxygen tank is probably just a little bit better because a little bit more of pure ozone is being produced.) We've had it for over a month and it's been great so far. I'm not sure what happened with the O3 - Ozone Elite, and I'm not sure how common this story is, but this is what happened to us. So we can only recommend the EXT120 from Longevity.

Now, our mom's tumor markers, the breast itself, pain, etc. were very much improving only after using the O3 - Ozone Elite for the brief month-and-a-half period, but not during our use of the ~$400 Synergy Systems device (albeit, at a lower dosage) from June/July to October 8th before that. So it may be a quality device. But our mom has gotten much worse since then (and since being on the Synergy while waiting for O3 Elite replacements and finally the EXT120), and we think that it is because she has been inserting the catheter too deeply (~6 inches; James recommends no more than 2 inches, I think), and possibly because we changed catheters as well, but I'm not too sure on this last part.

If you're interested in our story, search posts by ObeyTheSloth (my brother) and Puh (me) that are related to cancer, and you will see our posts and James' helpful and detailed replies about our mom's condition. ObeyTheSloth has posts dating as far back as May, I think, and I have posts from later last year, on our mom's condition.

About the Rife machine, I will leave that to James.

James says that advanced cancers will be slowed by the herbs, but not halted or reversed. So you should use his formula, but not rely on it. I recommend you read as much as you can on this subject within The Truth in Medicine forum by searching within the forum using the search box. Remember that quotation marks around phrases search for those particular phrases, so that may make your searches a bit easier.

Good luck!

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