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Re: Can tooth heal by itself after taking mercury filling out with no fillings put in after?

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Can tooth heal by itself after taking mercury filling out with no fillings put in after?

"if i have the Amalgam fillings removed can i leave it like that and then put comfrey extract on it? or is that a bad idea? can i just buy the capsules for the recipe you posted? Is that recipe for naturally closing the hole after the filling is removed

sorry so many questions, but i am new to this idea and always wondered why i feel so crappy, and i just went to see a doctor because i found out i have hypothyroidism which is possibly due to the mercury.

i feel so depressed because i have 12 fillings, and now i have to worry about how to pay for all of that. i have dental insurance, do you think at least part of it is covered?

i don't like pain, can i put a gel that numbs my gums before she gives me the shot of anesthesia?

thanks so much =D"

My dog Willow, developed cavaties on her upper back molars (left and right) on the outside of the tooth, not the chewing area.  It's been a long and enlightening experience for me.  I'd read that teeth can heal themselves if you give them the nutrients that they need.  When I realized Willow's teeth were developing cavities and the brown surface was demineralization and not tartar I was thrown for loop.  I was really stunned.  Dogs don't get cavities! Or so I thought.  She's always been a challenge healthwise.  As a pup and in utero, I don't think she got optimal nutrition.  So when we got her, she had various gut issues.  She developed c.difficile (which I think she was probably born with) when she was almost a year old. C. difficile is really hard to eradicate.  My vet tried to tell me that c.difficile was part of normal gut bacteria for dogs!  She would get recurring infections for the next several years until I began giving her oregano oil.  For 6 months, she got oregano oil in a capsule (I put 4 drops in an empty capsule) twice a day.  Now at 6 years old, she's not had an accident on the carpet for 2 years now.  It used to happen every couple of months.  

So, even though I fed her a homemade diet, she wasn't getting enough minerals for her teeth and began to develop cavities. It started with brown patches, that I thought was tartar.  It was actually the enamel wearing away.  Then she developed black spots on her teeth -- tiny pinhole cavities.  At this point I began giving her something called Dental Essentials.  This supplement was supposed to heal the teeth.  I had to pound the tablets into a powder to put in her food.  If I didn't, the tablet came out whole when she went to potty.  I gave this to her for 3 maybe 4 months and her teeth got worse.  I then began giving her powdered dolomite and bone meal plus another supplement that contained vitamin K and vitamin D and even cod liver oil.  I did this for another few months.  Her teeth were not improving.  In fact, the cavities were getting bigger!  I then stumbled across Country Life's Bone Solid formula.  It seemed to contain the minerals in a more absorable form.  I also began looking at what to give her from an herbal standpoint.  Dr. Christopher's Calcium Formula and Alfalfa seemed to be exactly what she needed.  I started giving her 2 bone solid capsules twice a day in her food along with a spoonful (I use an ice tea spoon) of the calcium formula and alfalfa twice a day.  In addition, I began putting  5,000iu D3 in her food once a day. I'm seeing an improvement.  The cavities are healing.  I did have a set back when I bought the herbs from another vendor, I'm thinking the powders weren't exactly fresh.  I am now back to Rose Mountain Herbs as my source.  This last batch (I make up a batch that lasts about 3 months) seems to be more effective.  The only difference is that I used cut and sifted horsetail, oatstraw and lobelia in this latest batch that I'd bought by mistake a while back.  The comfrey root was powdered.  I ground the horsetail, oatstraw and lobelia in my little coffee grinder.  The alfalfa was powdered.  I just checked her teeth this morning and the cavities have filled in to the point where I just see a groove where the cavities are but no black holes.  She still gets the vitamin D.  It has taken quite a while for her teeth to heal.  It has been more than a year.  I know she's feeling better, because she wants to chew her bones and play tug with us.  A year or so ago, she stopped chewing on bones and playing with her tug toys.  EDIT:  AND HER TEETH HAVE REMINERALIZED.  NO BROWN DENTIN ANY MORE ON HER BACK MOLARS.

Feed your body these nutrients (Bone Solid, D3, K).  Take the herbs internally.  Stop brushing with toothpaste that has glycerine.  Brush with Dr. Christopher's tooth powder.  Get a vitamin D3 (5,000iu minimum) and  supplement as well as a vitamin K supplement (look for one that contains MK4 and Mk7).   When the weather gets warmer, go outside every day and get sunshine.  

I have heard of fillings falling out when the cavities were healed.  If you are going to get the fillings removed, find a dentist who uses proper precautions to minimize off gassing exposure.  

Read EVERYTHING you can find online about healing cavities.  Knowledge is power.



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