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Re: iodine as a diagnostic
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: iodine as a diagnostic

"the bottom line is that i have yet to see an instance where Iodine itself is the problem. take your kidneys, for example. what is the true underlying cause of that? dehydration? bromine hanging up? weak or damaged kidneys that cant handle the increased circulation in the body?"

I hope you don't think I am blaming the Iodine for my back going out....
Of course it was the causative factor in that moment...but I believe you are absolutely right, my kidneys have been a weak link for years, maybe even when I was little.
and I am so grateful for that experience, because just as you said, it showed my issue even more clearly. My back went out just as it has so often in the past. This showed my how clearly my back is NOT a structural issue, it is an organ issue, and perhaps more specifically as NP writes a toxicity issue. Strong emotions have set it off before. So maybe it is an adrenal issue not a kidney issue. And I have spent tons of time and mulla doing various types of psychotherapy and exploring possible incest trauma history and pre/perinatal issues--my birth wasn't terrible, but it wasn't ideal: mom without support, a spinal anesthetic, dad in the waiting room, no breast feeding, in the nursery a lot of the time(so not good attachment) and circumcised before I left the hospital.

I think I have had the least low back issues this winter that I have had in a long time!!!!!!!
THis experience has totally reset my frame for this issue. That an underlying toxicity issue set up the whole damn issue!
I know I am speaking to the choir on this here, but intellectual knowing and experience as we all know are two different things.

when I take higher dosages of Iodine, I get more burning in my urethra when I urinate, and some of you have read my post from a year or so ago about coating my night time pee jar with a whitish, sandpapery (when dry) coating. What I did not share then is this: that started when I was heavy on Colloidal Silver , so I don't know if I loaded my kidneys with a silver based compound or if the silver was moving something out too. And I was doing a ton of silver orally and I was doing IV's, I was convinced I had Lyme's or some other spirochette so I was hammering myself with it....unfortunately I f'ed up my inner flora so bad I caused my candida to go nuts and created more problems for myself. Even Andy Cutler was thinking that I probably silver poisoned myself.

so, I did a little aside there, so whether from the silver or not, it doesn't really matter at the moment because the Iodine seems to be clearing something out of my kidneys.

and the same with my liver/GB, the iodine really brought these to the forefront. Again, I am grateful for this. It forced me to really address my liver like I never have before.

Iodine also seems to aggravate heavy metals in me and sometimes it shows up as my skin getting so freaking dry that I can't drink enough water or eat enough oil or apply enough oils to do a dang thing. Chelation almost always sets this straight. probably my liver and kidneys/adrenals are really vulnerable because I am so detox challenged

so, I just keep plugging away and making course changes and corrections as needed and supporting myself as best I know how.

Also since december i have had two sessions with one of my visceral manipulation teachers in Orange County, CA and she has spend most of the sessions working on my brain. In the December session she told me that in her 30 years of practice she has never had any client have as strong a strain pattern in the area of the brain that she was working. So her feedback and an iridologist who told me my hypothalamus is disconnected (not toxic or buggied up) and not telling the body what to do properly-ie like telling my liver to make glutathione, has me shifting frame again to the idea that my detox challenges could stem to a large extent from my early head traumas causing bad neural communication. And those inner working being off could certainly cause easier toxic build up in my body.

Anyway, this all a lot of speculation, but until we all have tricorders that tell exactly what is going on in our bodies we have to surf the info we have as best we can....

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