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Do not trust forum people who are still sick.... and do not know...
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Published: 11 years ago
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Do not trust forum people who are still sick.... and do not know...

I am astounded by the number of people who on these forums arequick to dole out advice to people about which labs they should test with (like Meta Matrxis) and which cleansing they should try and what kind of zapper they should try, which kind of diet, etc..., when in fact none of those things have gotten rid of the parasites, and they are still sick, and still do not know exactly what they have....; Please please do not take any such advice; because literally some of it may kill you even. SOme people here advocate even Miracle-Mineral-Supplement ! Poison!

Go see a qualified parasitologist who knows--through clinical experience--yes the operative word here is CLINICAL---how to test properly through mucus scraping of the sigmoid part of the bowel.... that is if you think you you have a a parasite and parasitological symptoms, which can quite easily be mistaken for "CANDIDA", and Bogus C. DIFF" and be even wronly attrubutted to mental states and depressions.....

I regained my life, because I like a few others here finally went to a superb doctor who does this, and my life changed. And all along, because the bogus doctors, and even some dumb parasitologies who put all their worth into stool testing, almost ruined my life telling that I only had this bogus parasite called Blastocystis. I tool Australian CDD both triple Therapies and they all failed; and Jackie Dileny who runs the badbug website has no clue about parasites and gives wrong information about parasites think that D. Fragilis and Blasto are pathogenic. She has no clue. THe Doctor at the AUSTralian CDD BORODY is a crook, and he is making tons of money doing poo infusions and making people sick. HE even doea a bigus infusion for Blastocystis! And after one mone of Negative testing, delcares the patient CURED! He charges 15, 000 for poo translplansts. This should be clearly illegal, because they never know what they transferring patients. Borody has no clue about proper testing. He thinks that people who do not get better with his treatments have "disbiosis"; Borody is a crook, and making people ill.... literally. and he is also a typical Gastro and has no clinical knowledge of parasites... One woman who went there did a poo transplants and became deadly ill, and Borody missed her E. Histolytica all along. PLEASE DO NOT TRUST BORODY OR EVEN JACKIE DILENY. They do not know. Jackie is not in a position give any advice to any body because she herself is deadly ill, and is on disability.

FOr the love of God, please please know that Blastocystis or D. fragilis does not cause disease, and I am a living example of it. As my good doctor, who performs a test that no one else does, told me correctly, it is the untrained lab technician at a distant lab who often mistake some other thing for so called Blasto, and that is the only thing they found for me. Yes, I did fifty---yes 50!--stool tests with so many labs, even by those who specialists in parasites.... like Jetti Katz in NY city, and they all missed my deadly E. Histolytica that had made so so severely ill, wit so many symptoms like sever back pain, joint pain, pain under the rib cage, rashes, hives, insomnia, brain fog, and you name it, and I had it; my liver and pancrease were inflamed, and had dark dark urine, and depresssed completely, unable to get off the couch, severe left shoulder pain..... EVEn the doctor JOHN E. ASHER at Jetti Katz is so badly mistaken to think that stool tests show parasites. HE DID NOT EVEN RECOGNIZE MY SYMORTOMS. WHEN I I told him about back pain and joint pain, he asked me to exrays... AVOID JOHN E. Asher also. John Asher does not do his own research or read at all lates research. He does not even know even the proper meds. I almost died because of these guys. Until the good doctor I found later found the real parasite, and treated it with the proper meds and the PROPER dosage.

I regained my life... and I am forever grateful..... him for this. I cannot repay the debt. I thought I lost everything I had... And the forum people helped nothing at all.

So find a doctor who KNOWS what they are doing. Not some junki who does stool tests..... and trust no one on this forum or any other wbesite who gives you completely bogus advice about trying this and trying that. Or who thinks that Blasto causes disease, because they do not know what they have. Because they have never been a real doctor who does the real thing. Trust your body and listen to your symptoms, and you know when you were well, how things were for you and how horrible things are for you now that you are sick.

Unfortunately some people cannot be helped, because they told themselves a story about how what they have now is an effect of enviornment or some other thing, and now they think they do not have anything because the stool tests are negative.. Yes, there are some people running around on this forum who think the evnvorment now is making them sick! BEcause their stool tests are negative, they think they are cleared, but.....

People who advocate stool tests, including doctors are criminals against science, because anybody who knows scinece knows that such testing often is flawed.... and proper testsing is through the mucus testing of the sigmoid.....

AVOID GASTOR IDIOTS at all COSTS, and if they tell you you have only just C. Diff, yell at them, and sue them; or if someone tells you that now you are sick because you have some Mast cell disease or some other thing, they are mistaken; or that the meds you took damaged you, and that is why you are still sick. Such doctors people are criminals.... who only treat symptoms.... and they are not interested in healing you.



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