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Re: Am I crazy? pinworms
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Am I crazy? pinworms

So anyone else here completely overwhelmed and slightly confused as what all to do?? I sware we should all have some sort of degree for the amount of investigational research we've all done!! I'm just going to state my issues and what I'm doing to help, then ask questions in bullet point form. Maybe we can all clarify and hell each other more effectively.

Pinworm itch and crawl in rectum, stabbing pains in belly button area that come and go, recently- crawling and itching in eyes, nose and ears, also sometimes under skin around my face and even head! Also candida rash on chest that I've been fighting for about 4 years, but won't go away!! (I read rashes are symptoms if parasites as well)

***Remedies I'm trying that help but don't cure:/ ***
1. DE- it seems to keep them under control in my gut, but no relief for facial parasites:( I take it with Colon Cleanse husks or fiber powder mix to keep me regular- which really seems to help.
2. Hydrogen peroxide- I've been using it on q-tips for ears which seems to be very successful for ears, I also use it up the nose sometimes but it dries me out and hurts after a while. I've also used it with an enema and even swallowed a teaspoon of it. Wow! Don't do this far from a toilet!! I had severe stomach spasms and diarrhea for 24 hours!! I even was bleeding a bit. Kind of scared me:/ (didn't keep pinworms down for long, but I did notice my chest rash seemeduch better)
3. Colloidal Silver drops- the only thing that seems to kill whatever is crawling around under my eyelids:'( I know it works because after a few minutes the crawling stops and I then can feel a sand like pebble in my eye which I'm guessing us the dead worm. When I see them sometimes after they die they are red and on a ball( like sand). Guessing the red is from the Colloidal Silver stain?? It has an auburn color to it.,, I also wipe my nose with wet wipe frequently and see these red sand like things as well.
4. Apple cider vinager- I drink this when my chest rash acts up- as I absolutely despise drinking it:/ but within only a few hours I notice significant improvement. Too bad nothing ever kills all of these ailments.
5. clove oil- I've used this on q-tips up my nose and sometimes in my rectum to hopefully kill eggs. No major improvement though.
6. Coconut oil- just bought this yesterday per someone's advice for facial parasites . I put some on a q-tip up my nose. Seems like it MAY have helped but not sure. At least it smells nice thoug:) used it around eyes for skin as a beauty regimen, and also figured it may help with the eye parasites.
7. Eucalyptus oil- bought this yesterday as well. Put some in my nose. Strong smelling, but hoping it helps. Still feeling them in my eyes though!!
8. Ginger tea- drank this a couple times as I heard it helps kill parasites. Haven't kept it up, but haven't noticed much.
9. Ginger and eps salt bath and eye rinse- besides feeling soft afterwards- no long term relief.
10. Garlic cloves- fit the last few days I have been cutting 2 cloves at a time in small prices and them downing them with water. Seems I had dunificant "die off" afterwards with head aches and lots of crawling sensations all over my face, head and arms. I heard someone refer to this as "scatter"? Keeping with the garlic twice a day hoping I'm on to something!
11. Kroegers clove capsules- I've been taking these before every meal in hopes if killing pinworm eggs.
12. Drinking cranberry juice frequently. Heard it helps, but who knows.
12. Eating raw organic pumpkin seeds- heard it helps, but nothing to brag about. Still, I try everything!
13. Stopped drinking milk and less sugar-I heard they love dairy, meat and sugar... Also caffeine. Haven't weaned myself off meat if caffeine though. If somebody swares it helps of works I'll try it though!!

1. What am I not doing??
2. Anyone stopped drinking caffeine and noticed a major difference?? I love my coffee so it'd be great to know it it's even worth giving up:/
3. Dies Alkaline Water help?
4. How does Iodine help?? I bought some but an afraid to use it. It has a poison warning and I am *breast feeding*. Someone suggested it for eye worms but didn't say how to use it.
5. I've taken a couple prescribededs for pinworm, but they only came back stronger after a days relief!! I read that chemicals actually can make them migrate elsewhere and that they can build immunity to meds anyway!??
6. Does milk thistle really help for pinworm?? Do I need a liver cleanse too? Are there really eggs all over my body??
7. Anyone cure with the zapper ? Does it hurt you??
8.Help! Has anyone actually cured themselves, or are we all just doomed??

Thanja for reading... God please help us all.

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