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Image Embedded Re: Undigested, poorly chewed banana fibers, not flukes
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Undigested, poorly chewed banana fibers, not flukes

Prove me wrong.

Tell me you didn't eat bananas hours before you discovered "cotton balls" or "flukes" ?

Experiment to prove me wrong:

When your intestines er 100% clean, and only clean water is coming out, try to eat some bananas.
Live on bananas for at least 24 hours, or until you need to empty your bowel.

You collect what comes out and examine it under magnifying glass.

You will find plenty of "cotton balls" with "dark legs".

Repeat the experiment, but this time eat no bananas and no fruit, instead eat regular food after the flush.

Surprise, surprise: you will NOT find a single "cotton ball" with "dark legs".

Then come to this forum and report your results.

"cotton balls" with "dark legs" = undigested banana pieces.

Break a banana and you will see many fibers inside.

While white, they are not as easy to see as when they are colored.

Those fibers, when colored by digestive juices become "dark legs".

"Many think that the cotton balls with black stringy legs are liver flukes"

Many people can be wrong.

There is nothing common between liver flukes and "cotton balls with black stringy legs"
Se the image of a fluke:


Where are the legs on that image? I see no legs, no cotton.

Flukes have microscopic eggs, nothing you can see with naked eyes, just as you can't see bacteria or protozoa.

Just a few hundreds years ago very many people believed the Earth was flat and the whole universe was rotating around the Earth.

A few simple experiments prove them all wrong.

"also they came out at about the same time as the cherry/tomato skins (which I ate nothing of the sort)."

"cherry or tomato skins" can also be

- red pepper skins
- skins from some other fruits or other vegetables
- cherry or tomato skins you ate some time ago, but were trapped inside intestines and released days or weeks or months later

You can't always remember what you ate 3 days ago? Can you?

Visible worms are regular in shape, watch the next images: //

White Shark

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