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Re: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

you totally and completely miss and misconstrue everything I am saying but if you want to do that, have fun.

you seem just to want to PROVE OTHER PEOPLE WRONG. i read my post and I actually think my post did not take this tone. I wrote out of genuine concern that a real truth is NOT being heard here or on other fasting forums. I really want to HELP people fast who may not be able to do it alone or who may be held back by fear.

This truth is that people on fasting forums need to be supported to actually fast and not let fears about "malnutrition," which is always a destructive/food-addiction-based fear in the case of a person attracted to a fasting forum, get in the way. The point I am making is that whenever you bring up "malnutrition" on a FASTING forum, you are participating in the general fear of fasting, and you are being very destructive. This is supposed to be a safe place to do a very difficult thing that is at odds with the general culture.

You actually don't have any real basis for your claims about scurvy, etc. developing on frugal diets. You are fuzzy in the details. Low calorie diets are actually highly therapeutic in every case where fasting is also therapeutic. Think about it. It stands to reason. Your ideas are ridiculous. Think about them. The idea of the body "knowing" it is fasting and magically, arbitrarily flipping some "fasting switch" is a myth that dies hard, but it is a myth, just like "starvation mode."

Above all this is a myth which participates in a dangerous perfectionism which traps people. Failing a total fast, a low calorie diet would actually help a person in that it would lighten the digestive burden and pathogenic-bacterial/toxic burden of a body which is ill or needs a rest. But by your reasoning, a low calorie diet would be "dangerous," so if people can't get the fast perfectly, there is no hope for them... WRONG! And you would force or bully them into eating "normal" quantities rather than at least reducing their intake... HORRIBLY WRONG!

It doesn't make sense that the body would be such a perfectionistic rigid thing which ONLY responded with a healing process when PRECISELY ZERO CALORIES were eaten. Life is about gradations! i mean, come on! Healing does happen on low calorie diets! you are releasing a LOT of the burden of the body. Ask anyone who has ever done the Master Cleanse. Yes, there is something wonderful about a total fast, but the argument that "low calorie diets are dangerous" is first of all false, and secondly, an argument which may prevent people from getting the healing they could get from the low calorie diet if they can't manage a total fast. Actually, this false argument plays into the classic perfectionist's response to failure. If he/she "fails" at the fast, he/she will, instead of making some kind of compromise and doing a low cal diet or The Master Cleanse or whatever, just go back to an accustomed way of eating, which was what brought on the disease and need to fast in the first place. This false argument may actually trigger people, if they "fail" their fasts, to BINGE. "Failures" and not "achieving perfection" are classic binge triggers. Binge eating is a serious addiction and very dangerous. you cannot, ethically, sit there and give people an excuse to sit in it.

All scientific evidence points to frugal diets extending life and increasing health. Google any study on mice fed very restrictive diets -- less cancer, longer, healthier lives.

You seem threatened by someone questioning this chris dude. You're acting like someone in a cult. The chris guy here is like the cult leader. He seems, weirdly, not to resist it when other people sort of idolize him. He seems also to have some kind of narcissistic thing going on, announcing impatiently and self-centeredly his return after absences, and just generally setting up and cultivating this environment where people respect him for reasons not really clear except that he posts links. This guru-worship is an unhealthy dynamic which doesn't help people. ...I just think people need to feel free to be real and honest: and if your arguments about the NEED TO WARN OF FASTING DANGERS are to be believed (THOUGH THEY ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT BE BELIEVED), this is actually a safety issue. you had better create an accepting atmosphere where people actually WILL be honest, and talk about what they are going through, and thus be as safe as possible.

you accuse me of wanting people to be "cheerled to their death." This is an extreme and very fear-creating accusation. Think about it -- you are actively participating in the general fear that DEATH will result from fasting. I really didn't use extreme language like that, and you yourself are sounding quite hysterical, now that i look at that.

Yes, people need to be aware and careful, but you are imagining situations which just are not real, and in talking as you do about these hypothetical situations, you are being very toxic to people who need support.

I'm just reacting because, again, I think discussions of "malnutrition" are very harmful on fasting forums. People come here needing support to fast -- to do something very difficult; and they need NOT to be attacked by fears that the general society generates with its food addiction. Again. We live in abundance. Malnutrition occurs where food is NOT abundant. Malnutrition is an irrational fear for people who live as we do. The fear of malnutrition is a mask for food addiction. Science now acknowledges that OVERnutrition, not malnutrition, is the greater danger for the first world. I have to say, everybody seems to get this except hard-core food addicts who are recovering on fasting forums and can't let go of their lingering irrationalities.

Anyway, why do we have to fight? Why can't we find out what helps people to fast? This is supposed to be the idea. Fasting SUPPORT. ... I guess maybe you think you have some right to discourage people from fasting.. it becomes like a club where only certain people are allowed in. This is so oppressive, inappropriate, and wrong. It actually may ruin the health of impressionable, vulnerable people who need to be encouraged to let go of their malnutrition fears and get into fasting and healing, as you sit there very possibly discouraging them from fasting.

Again I say: the true danger is in people like you discouraging people from fasting when they urgently need to fast, for their health. There is a great danger of discouraging people if you start talking about "malnutrition." This is really tragic, I think. This is my entire point. I just want to read and comment on this forum without anticipating that someone is going to start discouraging me when I am trying to learn this ESSENTIAL, LIFE-SAVING tool of fasting. The GREATEST danger is in NOT fasting -- in continuing to poison ourselves dangerously with food. ...And I also think that only fasting can actually give us clarity on exactly what we are doing to our bodies with all this food we eat. ...What is tragic is that due to the fearfulness of the likes of you, and of this chris person, who are basically trolls on fasting forums, disguised as "concerned", even knowledgeable, citizens, due to your fearfulness, thousands of people will go away frightened and never achieve the health that it actually takes a LONG time of having a DEVOTED fasting practice to achieve. There is NO time to waste! There is NO time or room for fear! People have got to get into fasting and really learn it as soon as possible!

Your general anxiety displays a terrible mistrust on your part. People's bodies will let them know if they are doing something wrong. Where did all this mistrust and fear come from????

Finally: people are in charge of themselves.

And I say this especially to the original poster, who seems to display a somewhat unhealthy adulation of the people who are regulars here and the moderator. These people are just people. It is actually quite oppressive and intimidating to be told "you had better listen." These people actually don't know THAT much. The only person anyone had "better" listen to is his or own innermost self.

Written in sincerity and with best wishes for everyone.

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