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Suggestions for detoxing/fasting and increasing brain function
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Published: 9 years ago
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Suggestions for detoxing/fasting and increasing brain function

I don't think you can do a detox which isolates the brain, thus good overall detox practices would be my suggestion.  I agree with Chris about the water fast being a good idea.  You also might consider doing regular fast days going forward after an initial water fast.  I like the idea of doing a one day water fast one week, a one day dark seeded grapes (eat the seeds and all) the next week and a one day watermelon only fast the following week followed the next week by a day of juiced vegetables only.

Cilantro, chlorella, parsley and lemon juice with water are all good natural detoxers.

From my own personal experience and that of my partner Luella May, you might also consider taking colloidal gold after you have done some fasting/detoxing for awhile.  It noticeably improves focus and mood - and studies have shown that it can increase IQ by 20 percent or more.

Some other suggestions*:

Reading and practicing activities that improve one’s mental abilities will increase ones mental abilities. This can be as simple as solving puzzles, reading stimulating books, learning a new language or learning how to perform a new task. Some other suggestions for having better brain function are:

*Lead an active lifestyle and exercise regularly
*Get plenty of sunshine and natural vitamin D3
*Have an active social life
*Get involved in new activities and hobbies
*Writing - including writing with your opposite hand
*Avoid and manage stress
*Minimize television watching
*Play challenging video games (but don’t neglect social life and physical activity)
*Don’t smoke
*Drink in moderation
*Eat wholesome nutrient-dense foods
*Avoid refined sugar and typical SADS food items such as processed foods, fast foods, etc.
*Avoid drinking water with fluoride
*Avoid vaccinations and other mainstream drugs

Nutrition can be vital in increasing and maintaining healthy brain function. Just like other organs, the brain needs proper nutrition to develop and function properly. Brains performance may be greatly improved through eating the right kinds of foods as well as supplementing to help address any deficiencies which may be affecting thinking ability and behavior.

Some of the best brain boosting foods are:

*Salmon and other fatty cold water fish
*Organic free range beef, chicken and turkey
*Organic free range eggs
*Caffeine (but don’t overdo it, as excess caffeine can over-stimulate the adrenal glands).
*Berries, especially blueberries (and don't forget mulberries)
*Dark grapes (preferably seeded)
*Dark green leafy vegetables such as baby spinach
*Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables
*Citrus fruits
*Organic yoghurt
*Olive Oil
*Green Tea

Supplements can help address nutritional deficiencies boost brain performance. Two of the best brain boosting supplements are colloidal gold and phosphatidyl serine (PS). Other brain boosting supplements include:

*Super foods powders
*Vitamin C
*Vitamin E
*Alpha-lipoic acid
*Folic acid
*Ginkgo Biloba
*Saint John's Wort

*Taken from an article I wrote.  Sources included:


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