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Re: 150433 Re: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: 150433 Re: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

ewwww SO totally gross
get away from me

actually you are still perpetuating the fear of malnutrition and you are impeding the VITALLY NECESSARY promotion of fasting by doing so. and you even have actually no evidence for your claims that only "nutritionally dense" diets are OK. ACTUALLY the point is to limit calories -- that's it. Those mice were eating processed food! Limiting calories limits growth of pathogenic bacteria/yeasts in the body and the body does very well from there as long as that (limiting bacterial growth) is taken care of. This whole cultural neurotic fixation on NUTRIENTS ... has no basis... is such an instance of the FEAR OF SCARCITY engendered by the condition of food addiction.

as far as I can tell, and I say this with genuine concern for your health, you yourself are at the mercy of your own food addiction. All the signs are there -- the will to control others, the aversion to fasting... naturally the food addict is averse to fasting: this threatens his lifestyle. But you have to realize that you are TRULY ENDANGERING OTHERS when you come on the forum with this fear of fasting!!!

I know perfectly well who Luigi Cornaro is. God -- so condescending! Gross! And your words so arrogant! "taking a back seat on this forum." Nobody ever invited you to the front seat! Nobody who visits anyway. This is a forum of equals! We are all equal here!

you are just trapped in the fear of fasting
Puffing yourself up. "wealth of knowledge." it is ridiculous. do you realize what you sound like??
And then actually threatening me! "moderators don't take kindly." Ugh! listen to how that sounds!!!
Actually you yourself by your own admission have very little experience of actual fasting. what are you doing here???

... I think I can answer this... I do think that subconsciously you are doing here is reaching out to others for help in fasting yourself. you do see the sickness in your own way of thinking even if you can't admit it because of your need to defend yourself with arrogance etc. I feel like you are reaching out to me for some kind of help. Well, I can say to you: don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to fast. I've actually done a lot of work myself around my fear of fasting and it has always come down to something originating in my food addiction.

actually fasting IS to be entered into lightly -- with lightness! With joy! it's to be entered into immediately and with trust! By all! Fasting is the gentlest thing anyone could ever do! you are so full of fear!!!

I'm upset by your message -- it makes me want to say things like: you should get off this forum immediately -- you are totally endangering people's lives! And you ARE endangering people. But I feel like you have something to learn, yes, LEARN, by coming here. Please stop endangering others in your attempts to do so!

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