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Re: 150433 Re: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: 150433 Re: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

this is not a debate forum, and your opinions are unfortunately based in ignorance.

However, if you search the history of this forum you will discover that I do actually offer much support and guidance to those in need, and answer many queries on the fast and the fasting process, which for the most part has been gratefully received. This is based on over 30 years of study in the Nutritional Sciences/Natural Hygiene and in particular with the fast.

Further, the evidence for my comments and statements are based on facts from the history of fasting within Natural Hygiene circles, dating back 160 years; it is also based (contrary to your comment) on my own personal experience of two prolonged fasts in the recovery from Leukemia over 30 years ago, and an annual fast of between 12 and 15 days for a bit of internal housecleaning.
For quite a number of years now on this forum I have offered this knowledge of my own free will, in my own time, with no expectation of reward except in a humanitarian and benevolent manner.

You are also being antagonistic and confrontational, which is not allowed on this or any other forum, so I will ask you once again to post with civility in mind, or suffer the consequences.
It seems you are both ignorant of the fasting process itself and of the causes of malnutrition: both of which have to be addressed for those seeking advice. Malnutrition is a distinct possibility on an extended fast unless it is conducted properly, but you seem to be unaware of this. All avenues have to be explored in the conduct of a fast for the benefit and safety of everyone. I believe I also said "educating instead of medicating".

The crux of your problem seems to be in comprehension issues as for example I have never commented "that only nutritionally dense diets are ok"; what I actually did say is that this type of diet is the ideal (plant-based) and to be aimed for by everyone in their own interests and benefit to health in overcoming disease permanently.
However, re' the evidence for low-calorie Nutritionally-dense diets being effective in overcoming disease and achieving wellness, I suggest you read these links as you must have ignored the other link which I posted on originally by Shelton...............


Oh dear oh dear..........I am a food addict? then you must tell me more about myself, as I was not aware of this.

Indeed: this is a forum of equals! We are all equal here!
Absolutely my friend. Absolutely. Did I say otherwise? You must try and prevent yourself from making conjectural statements. Especially personal ones.

What you construe as my arrogance is actually benevolence; not only are they spelt differently, but they have entirely different meanings.

The rest of your message is essentially nonsense, so please try and adhere to the facts rather than conjecture as to who or what I am, and what I believe and practice.

Thank you.



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