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Re: Simarouba cures EH
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Simarouba cures EH


1. Did the herb, medicine, substance kill all the forms of the parasite that exist in the body. If a parasite lay egg in the human body etc is the medicine known to also take out this? Several parasite shave 2 or more stages in the human body, take out one, and typically as soon as you finish the herb or Antibiotic or whatever it was that only worked against one stage the parasite will repopulate in your body.

2. Did the test also test for if the medicine went to the part of human body where you have the parasite? if you parasite is in brain for example do the medicine also pass the blood brain barrier? Or may be it is a parasite that not must be killed in the brain. Or may be the parasite is in your gut so the medicine must be non absorbing. Please show us the tests!! And yes you need to know where the parasite typicaly is. This is why several known Antibiotics that in lab and even in parts of human body kill all of a given parasite not can give cure. The medicine did not go where u needed it...Key words, absorbing, non absorbing, blood brain barrier etc etc..half life time of medicine etc..

3. Do the human gastro system affect the medicine, it breaks down a lot of food, dose it break down the herb or the medicine so it no longer has effect? has this been tested out.

4. What about side effects. That it is organic or 100% natural do not mean it is healthy. Some of the most dangerous poisons are produced in nature. Also for Antibiotics we should often hope for better studies of side effects. However som parasite drugs are actually tested out on tens and tens of thousands of people in very high dosage over very long time. But yes this is case with herbs and medicines. Of course some Antibiotics and some herbs we know much more about than others. But some herbs are known to be very dangerous as well. For one particular parasite described in the big books there is actually only about couple of known cures, one of them is natural substance, this natural substance is very effective, but also known to have extreme harsh side effects. So tropical medicine is not against using natural remedies, some times that is only choice, but it dose not mean no side effects.

5. Blind treatment: if you not have proper diagnose then you will easily end up trying lots of herbs and medicines. Most important is to get proper diagnose first. But yes for many of us it took years to finally find a doctor doing diagnostics as the yes of infection medicine says one should do it for some important parasites.

Why do you keep just throwing out substances and herbs that are able to kill some parasite. Fire kill every parasite, also boiling, but yes it is not cure to boil your body, it is death.

A healthy Zebra that only eat organic grass can if unlucky get eaten by a lion. Nature is brutal, that is how it is (or may be you think only the weak Zebra that ate hamburgers and sinded get taken by the lion?), and yes a healthy Zebra eating organic grass can get parasites too...wild animals can die from parasites, not matter how natural and organic they live.

Eath healthy yes (whatever that is, a long discussion), but if chronic sick try to find real cause, then typically quite easy to cure, healing could take time (as some parasites can have done horrible damage, but body amazing to heal itself over time if horrible intruders are thrown out)...

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