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Re: Bloodroot Near my eye.....

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Bloodroot Near my eye.....


I have been using a particular bloodroot paste on my body and am having wonderful results. I don't know which one you are using but apparently different ones are made with different measurements of ingredients. This will affect how the paste acts on the skin. Mine does redden the skin lightly when used properly.

After becoming more successful at using my paste, I dared to treat the bad skin spots between my eye and nose on that tender part of the skin. What I did since the skin is so thin and delicate was to thinly apply the properly diluted salve to a very small area first - the size about 1/2 in in diameter for about 1/2 hour to 1 hour and then wash off. The spot reacted as expected. The area in question turned whitish with a black center. I repeated the application on day 3 in the same manner after the smaller surrounding spots cleared up. In the following days the the area in question separated and the good skin healed in so nicely that you would never know there was ever a problem there.

Products that I use to facilitate the process:
Argan Oil (small particle oil that absorbs easily with natural Vitamin E and essential fatty acids) was used to dilute the Bloodroot paste. Also this was used as an aftercare to keep the area soft and healing to avoid scars.
MSM spray. MSM is a penetrating agent. I would spray the skin first before applying the salve, and then every now and then after until it was washed off.
A high quality cold laser that I use to regenerate the skiin quickly. The product I used is called the Q1000 - incredible machine but pricey. Many holistic physicians use this kind of machine. I have seen it cure the wounds that traditional medical doctors were not able to. I would shine the cold laser on the area a couple times a day, and the healing was astounding.
Nutritional products are very helpful and so use ones that are logical to skin healing. I used L-Lysine, Spirulina, essential fatty acids along with a very healthy raw diet.

Anything you can do to support your immune system is helpful to the body as the body can become tired if by using Bloodroot, there is cancer breaking down. Allow yourself rest for the first couple of days. When I treated an irregular dark grey area the size a little less than a dime, after the first few hours of the salve being applied, I grew very tired and continued to be tired for the next couple of days. This area was on my jaw line and I used the product with the directions of two days of application where the diluted salve was allowed to stay on the skin for 8 hours each day only. I documented this process with using the above listed products along with photos. By the end of the first day, the "bad" skin was well on it's way of death. There were scattered white areas affect around the blackened area that died of too. The healthy skin cells were inflamed with immune response in a larger area until on the 4th day when the now dead mass started to release. After the 4th day, all the "bad" skin was gone. and quickly healed in without a trace of the drastic and aggressive elimination of what my body was able to reject an get rid of once it figured out that there was "bad" skin there due to the affects of the Bloodroot breaking down the shield that was protecting the bad skin.

I really feel that the use of the cold laser is key to quick and quality healing. After close to a month, you cannot tell anything was ever there but healthy skin that is the same color now as the healthy skin around it.

For everyone out there that want to discount Bloodroot, I feel pity. I feel for the people that believe false accusations. Using a quality product is a Godsend to me as I am conscientious of how I look. I have no surgical scars, and I am quite confident of the Bloodroots ability once it is absorbed into the skin to kill even the smallest of "bad" cells in the area better than any microscope... and they can only do that with cutting away and cutting more away. And in so many cases with surgical removal, they didn't get all the cells and the "bad" skin comes back anyway. And as for expense... well the math is easy to do. This is affordable by everyone. One $50 tube would treat at least a thousand times or more of the product that I use.

So, there are different opinions on Bloodroot. I am here to testify that it IS in my viewpoint my first choice of the best treatment for your skin where there are spots and areas you prefer not to live with... or die from. I happen to like a clear beautiful, unscarred complexion, and the proper Bloodroot paste use is giving me that.

Of important note though. For anyone wishing to use this amazing paste, please consult with a properly trained practitioner. Do not be anyone else's experiment. If you are to use this yourself, start with only small areas the size of a pea first until you are familiar with how this product works. And ONLY do a few far apart at a time as you don't want to overload the healthy skins ability to regenerate the "bad" skin that will be eliminated, and how ever deep it needs to go. I have had some areas of "bad" skin that looked worse on the surface, but were not deep, but had other small areas that were deep all the way down to the base cells of the skiing and also had spreading areas around it that were invisible. So caution should never be discarded. Everywhere I have treated "bad" skin, I take each situation by itself and treat it logically and uniquely for the best outcome. And to date, I'm looking pretty amazing!

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