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Re: People who rant - over and over again.

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: People who rant - over and over again.

"It doesn't matter if Dr. Kevin Cahill doesn't believe in Blastocystis being a cause, as it takes loads of research (none of which Shrimp123 can force is BAD research) and the research shows that Blasto DOES cause problems....BUT not for everyone."

Since you mention me, and since you have not understood a word of what I said, I want to tell you how wrong you are; you are completely in the dark, about Blastocystis. It is not just me who went to Cahill who had been given the wrong diagnosis of Blastocystis and then later found not just E. Histolytica but something other like Trichuria or even Giarrdia, missed by so many labs. Do you have any respect for those people who were victimized by labs? and other crooked doctors? They were dying, thinking it was Blastocystis. How do you EXPLAIN THIS? YOUR BOGUS claim that Blastocystis cause disease in some and not in other will not EXPLAIN anything. Hundreds have come to Dr. Kevin Cahill with this nonsense Blastocystis story, and then he find something else. Not always E. Histolytica.

Several people now on this forum who were diagnosed with Blastocystis and then they were al found to have something else by Dr. Cahill.

It is not just Dr. Cahill who CONFIRMED Blastocystis is not pathogenic. It is also another world class doctor, Dr. Martin WOlfe. who has hundred of patients coming to him with this bogus disease....; WOuld like to dismiss him too. Because you read some silly report about it on the internet? NOt trust these two doctors who have CURED hundred who initially came to them this bogus diagnosis.

You really do not what you are talking about except just tautologically repeat that in some people Blastocystis is pathogenic. ABSOLUTE NONSENSE. TWO WORLD CLASS doctors, who know about parasites, who have years of CLINICAL experience, yes, CLINICAL, have affirmed this to me and hindreds of others that Blasocystis does not vcause disease. You have seen them and tried their meds? Blastocystis is what most idiotic labs first report, because they do not know how to identify triue pathogens. DO you know even why? DO you even CARE? WHEN HINDREDNS HAVE BEEN GIVEN THIS ERRONEOUS DIAGNOSIS, and think they received a death sentence, and then try nonsense trying to get rid of it, while suffering.... all the while.

YOu have no understanding of parasites. YOU are the one who is ranting pal.

You obviously have not understood anything I have written. I am not an expert on parasites. But those two doctors who gave me my life back are. NO BODY NEED TO TRUST ME OR YOU. TRUST THESE DOCTORS WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

Yes, if you have Blastocystis and you think it causes disease in you, because you got the WORST subtype, then you must be some unlucky guy! This is what I was led to believe bogus websites and other m*o*o*n doctors like Borody. SOme theory: Blastocystis just decided to attack one guy and not others.....

DO YOUR Reasreach first, and go and see the real clinical experts who know what they are doing, before making bogus claims about Blastocystis and mislead people.

You have the audacity to even mention Borody? He is a gastro idiot, who knows nothing about parasites. DO you EVEN KNOW THAT? And he is making so many people so sick and making so much money off of people, by doing poo transplants, when they do not get better. Giving them a bogus diagnosis of "disbiosis"; DO you know that even?

One last thing: Most doctors who make claims about the pathogenicyt of Blastocystis do not know how to find parasites. Because they all trust some silly "DISTANT" lab, thinking that stool tests will show parasites. I am sure this is what you also believe right?


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