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Re: Help.. Possibly Dying - ME/CFS/FM/MCS & Liver pain
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Help.. Possibly Dying - ME/CFS/FM/MCS & Liver pain

the thing with the primal diet is that it works very differently than people who haven't tried it think it does.

first off, everything is raw, so you don't need any enzymes, bile, or even hydrochloric acid to digest these foods. many people who do it are end stage cancer patients with extremely low vitality.

the guy who invented it has no hydrochloric acid production in his stomach and yet eats raw meat.

raw saturated fats require no bile to process.

i'm not sure if you have ever had raw meat, but it does not react the same way as cooked meat. the same goes for the raw fats, most of which are saturated fats as oils and unsaturated fats are not recommended at the beginning stages.

raw butter will slowly dissolve gallstones, or in your case liver stones .

something like scallop ceviche or other white fish meats turns almost into a liquid paste and requires no energy to digest.

another big part of the diet is green juices with small quantities of raw fats added.

red meat i agree is not easy to digest even when raw, and a lot of people do cut down on the recommended amount of meats or protein, but they find what works for them. ground fatty red meats are fairly easy to digest.

also there are people on the primal diet who do not tolerate dairy, even raw, and that's that, they just don't do dairy.

raw liver is big part of the primal diet and that could give you a jolt of energy without any negative effects.

one thing aajonus recommends for the adrenals specifically is fatty salmon sushi.

you might want to give aajonus a call, it's almost 400 dollars for an in person consult but he could wind up saving your life. on the phone it would be maybe 100-200 dollars. his iridology is bar none the best diagnostic i have ever seen in 22 years.

in your case specifically, and in health matters in general, the fine details are extremely important. for instance the small fir sauna tents are not good because the heaters are not powerful enough, so it will wind up heating up your body a little bit, but not cause enough sweating.

regular steam or rock saunas get extremely hot and that can be too much for some people. good fir saunas have a low ambient air temperature but cause copious sweating.

for some people though, any form of sauna just isn't the right way to go.

if you wind up doing the flush just keep in mind that it can take 1-4 flushes before you see results. some people get lucky on their first one.

i would try to do as much of the prep as you can. the worst part of flushes is not the nausea or even vomiting, it is when you have an unsuccessful flush and wind up just stirring things up without release. the nausea is temporary and if you get stones out you will get some relief as soon as they exit your body.

you could try something like parsley/celery juice for now. parsely is extremely dense with nutrition and oxygen via chlorophyl.

if you can tolerate ghee you might also be able to tolerate bone marrow fat. cook it good until it is soft like butter or oil and mix with whatever carb you can handle. or if you are courageous try a little bit raw and see if you can handle it.

there is an herbal food formula in ayurveda called chyawanprash for serious cases of debility. i don't know enough about ayurveda to recommend this confidently, but i've tried it before. and it is like a very dense food/paste. one spoon of it feels like a meal.

i'd try also a few of the primal diet formulas like this one

few raw yolks or whole raw egg, tablespoon raw honey, 2 ounces raw butter, optional raw nuts.

if you could tolerate just a few of these types of things you could start to build strength. keep in mind that the raw saturated fat will not stimulate bile flow like raw oil does. why? i have no idea.

mms in my opinion is pure poison.

for a dying person your posts are well written


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